stream tank

  1. cockroach

    River Manifold Breeding Rack

    I finally got ordered what I needed for the start of my rheophilic breeding rack. Similar to what @KansasSunfish did but more vertical. The main goal for this rack will be breeding panda loaches and giving rheophilic fish a natural habitat to live in. This rack arrived two weeks and I ordered...
  2. cockroach

    Yaoshania pachychilus - Panda Loaches x 10

    While sourcing fish this week I came across a black and white gem. Took a closer look and bam! Panda loaches. Have been looking for a while. I have read they are often emaciated and this but these had a piece of glass covered in algae in the tank and the fish feeding actively. The fish were...
  3. cockroach

    Central Taiwan Biotope Creation Log and Journal

    I decided before my move that my fishroom would go in a new direction. Something I find interesting and want to learn/research/experiment a lot more with. I used to keep large fish, then played with big tanks as complete systems. With small fish and different microcosms within the tank but it...
  4. L

    lithophytic plants for paludarium?

    I have a 20 long paludarium that I set up for my Phragmipedium schlimii orchid and am trying to figure out what other plants I can add? Since the orchid is lithophytic and naturally grows next to and in streams and waterfalls, the set up is rocks partially submerged in water. I might add...