1. H

    Arowana not eating!!??

    Hello so my one foot arowana just stopped eat for no reason it's only been two days but he normally will eat twice a day. He seems skittish in the tank as well. It's not like he doesn't have room it's a 300 gallon tank! But there are 9 angel fish in there with him my thoughts were maybe he's...
  2. B

    Stress In Flowerhorn

    It has been a month since I have got his. He had good Red colour. Now he had turned REALLY DARK, I assume it is because for the inappropriate WATER TEMPERATURE. I have bought a Thermometer from the Local Fish Store and was using it, the water was cold (an approx of 23c or less) I blindly trusted...
  3. O

    Black diamond stingray breathing heavy just added to tank urgent help please

    Guys I need help very urgently , I added be to my arowana tank and he is breathing way heavy his ribs are poke out not moving much not eating at all I am freaked out don't know what to do this my first ray and experience going way bad my water parameters are up to mark he is holding his body...
  4. AlexCR

    Weird Spots on fish

    Hi everyone. This fish is in a communitarian thank with some American cichlids. First I would like to know if this is an Mbuna, and second, those brown marks in all his body wasn't there according to my colleges. It is a disease or it is normal on them? i assume due to the setup of the aquarium...
  5. Sarahmander

    Moved the bichirs to the 100 gallon... what to expect?

    Hey guys, I just moved my three bichirs from their 45 gal to a 100 gal that has the same water parameters as theirs and is the same temp. I have been running it for a few months with some tester fish to make sure the bacteria is doing its thing. Just drip acclimated them and then released them...
  6. Sarahmander

    Stressed Out Delhezi?

    Hey guys, I've posted about my Delhezi being standoffish before and the problem was slightly alleviated when I added more bichirs to the tank (she was just housed with the albino senegal before, now there are two additional senegals, both smaller than her), but now she seems back to sulking. She...
  7. Bich

    Please HELP! Needing to move fish around!

    I want yalls advice on something I’ve been considering all week. I’ll try to make this short and to the point. In my 50 gallon tank, I have 2 4”ish severums by themselves. They have attempted to lay eggs, but are never successful. They have been alone for about a month and previously were with...
  8. PGJE

    How long until my cichlid is excited to see me???

    I have a 5 inch texas cichlid that is in a 30 gallon tank and he always hide when people are around. I bought him 3 giant danios for dither fish, and they seem to be working. the cichlid is slowly getting better and inches out of hiding while i'm around. I am wondering how long it takes from...
  9. PGJE


    Hi, I am new to this forum, and I have a problem. I have a 5 inch texas cichlid in a 30 gallon tank, and i have had him for nearly a year now. I moved him just a few days ago, he used to be in a 50 gallon fishtanks with two turtles and a pleco. In that tank, he would eat and swim around, but...
  10. S

    Flowerhorn is very scared.

    I recently moved my 5inch flowerhorn to a bigger tank (already cycled and established). On the first day he was active and was playing in the bigger space. However from second day, he became full scared, dark, amd is sitting at one corner. Its not greeting me when i go near the tank, rather its...
  11. R

    angelfish doing horizontal circles and gets worse with the light on???

    ok, firstly i want to say hello and thank you for allowing me to join this community. I have had my 55 Gal tank set up for almost a year now and have 7 small angels in there, but recently bought a breeding pair from a guy local to me. I went and picked them up, and while doing so we tested the...
  12. koizilla714

    GE clear silicone II Mold Free Safe or Not?

    Okay, So i recently used this silicone to attach some slate stone decor for my tank and my sump baffles. I have searched and got confused as some people say it's safe and some not. So what's the accurate answer? It's been 1 week since i added the decors and sump to my 125 gallon tank and see no...
  13. kim91

    Feeding small fish on a 130gallon tank

    I just bought a 130gallon tank and i have 2 silver dollars 2 red bellied pacu, 1 clown knifefish and a baby RTC, how do i feed them? the tank is so big and every time i come near the tank they all swim away and hide from me. What's wrong with my fishes? please help. Thanks
  14. Fishpony

    Severum freaking out

    Hello, I have a old severum, got him from a lps when he was 3 inches and had him for over 5 years. He was raised in a bare bottom aquarium and has a little bit of a eye droop. So today i decided to add some gravel so he can dig a pit, and now he is freaking out over the gravel. He is just...