1. Blakewater

    The Suriname Cichla Growout Thread

    Finally received my highly anticipated package from our import lord, Wes. Got two 3" wild Sp. Brokopondo and one 3.5" Rio Suriname C. Temensis. I actually broke my rule of not buying bass under 5" for these guys so I figured I'd use the opportunity to start a growout thread and track their...
  2. jackthefishmaster

    Is my peacock a Cichla Temensis or Cichla Azul?

    It was sold as a Cichla Temensis but the coloration and some blue colors in the fish are making me wonder whether it actually is a Temensis or an Azul. I attached the picture, it had a massive meal just before the picture that's why its so fat. The coloration of the fish in real life is...
  3. jancibie

    my cichla temensis

  4. Blakewater

    The Magnificent Seven

    Welp, as of last week I finished my thinning. Bringing down my bass school from 13 to 7. The trade off is the water looking crystal clear even after a week without a change and the new hierarchy and space had made all the cichla grow and color up even further in almost no time! Especially the...
  5. Blakewater

    New Wild Bois

    Just got back from the airport and finished acclimating these new additions. Fresh out of Columbia. A little stressed but I can already tell they’re ganna be gorgeous. Courtesy of Josh Tanks 👌
  6. LCT8

    Does peacock bass Temensis lose their spots when they grow bigger?

    Title says it all, I seem to see a lot of temensis pbass with less spots when they are big and more spots when they are around 20-30cm is this true?
  7. Blakewater

    Update Of My Growouts And Their Soon-To-Be 550G Upgrade

    Just sharing an update of my stock. Currently all between 5”-9”. Amazing how good water quality and high level foods are bringing out their colors. They’re super active and loving life but it’s time for them to get even more room and I don’t like waiting to upgrade so I just purchased a...
  8. PrymeTyme-716

    Sad/Happy Day

    It is finally time to say goodbye to my finned family as they need more space to swim. Very sad that theyre leaving but happy they'll be moving to a bigger space. Time to start another amazon growout this time with crenicichla
  9. LCT8

    how to ID baby Spotted Gar and Temensis Peacock bass?

    Hi so a year ago I bought a small peacock bass and it had a lot of spots on it so i thought it was a temensis, 1 year later it turned out to be an azul so how do I ID a baby one? For spotted gars, how do I id them when they are a baby vs other species all I know is that alligator gars and...
  10. G

    Want to Buy  Temensis

    Looking for a decent sized Temensis Bass in the Tennessee / Virginia area, but I am also happy to ship! Let me know what's out there, thank you!
  11. B

    Where can i get a 3’ by 7’ sheet of low iron glass?

    Hey guys im trying to get a 7’ by 3’ 3/4 inch sheet of low iron glass or starphire glass for my Temensis peacock basses new tank but cant find anywhere that has it. Only place i found was glasscages and they wont have it till august. Anyone know where i can get that glass from???
  12. gotin20

    Temensis peacock bass-250

    16 inches temensis peacock bass located in NY
  13. gotin20

    Peacock bass for sale Bronx New York 100$

    Local pick up 100$ each
  14. P

    FS - 12-14” Temensis bass. Pick up zip code 91311. $100

    FS - Very nice Temensis bass that is 12-14 inches. Pick up only zip code 91311. $100 OBO. Txt 818-426-326one
  15. dwsdarius

    Hey everyone, round 2 for mystery Cichla ID

    Hey everyone, a couple of months ago I posted picks of my 2 cichla and no one could give me a direct ID so here's my second shot now that they are bigger. Sold to me as cichla Kelberi (definitely not kelberi) from Petzone Tropicals...last time some suggested its either temensis or piquiti...I...
  16. dwsdarius

    Cichla ID Needed

    Hello, I bought two peacock bass a few months ago from petzone tropical online labeled as cichla kelberi. I can definitely say that they are not kelberi, they look like temensis...but not completely like temensis, I'm seeing more gold in these then that which I have seen on temensis. I think...
  17. B

    My team p b collection

    Hi all, not been on here for a few years - still in the cichla game though.
  18. MorningStar

    Stock of Peas

    Thought I share. It's good to have other Peas to help other Peas eat.
  19. kody929

    Rare Compatibility question

    Hello everyone how's the fish lol I had a question a few advanced SA aquarist Can answer. I recently received 3x Herichthys bocourti(Golden Mojarra), 3x Caquetaia myersi, those beautiful new Red Tiger Severums, 4x Astratheros/Criboheros robertsoni and some wild Colombian Oscars. They are all 1"...