tiger oscar

  1. P

    Keeping Two Oscars Together?

    So I'm planning on keeping an Oscar but don't want it to feel lonely. Would it be possible to keep a red tiger Oscar and a red Oscar together from 1 inch size for life? Ive heard of buying 6 and waiting for two to pair off but I don't want to have 4 year old oscars I need to get rid of. Im not...
  2. T

    Oscar and Green Terror Aggression

    So I'm going to get to the point as fast as I can. I had a 5inch Oscar, 4inch GT, and 6inch Senegal Bichir in a 75 gallon tank. They were in like this for a few months and only the GT and Oscar fought for the first two days and were completely okay after that. Two days ago I came home to a...
  3. Zak03

    Feeding my Sun Cat problems

    So I have a sun cat with 2 oscars. All three fish are about the same size 3-4" ( sun cat is slightly smaller). But im having trouble feeding my sun cat. I researched that you should feed the catfish so that it should always have slight bump in the belly. i havent able to acheive that. i feed my...
  4. Zak03

    Oscar Died. What did I do Wrong?

    Alright. So I purchased two baby Oscars (red and tiger) from Petco a little bit over a week ago. They live in a 40-gallon tank ( i will upgrade later, don't worry) with two baby sun catfish and two baby common plecos (which I added today). I apologize in advance for the amount of reading you...
  5. Zak03

    Sexing Oscar Cichlids

    I have two Oscar Cichlids. One Tiger and one Red. They're both about 2.5" inches long. How do I sex them.
  6. Zak03

    Feeding Oscar Cichlid Problems

    I have two baby oscars, both around 2" long. I got them a week ago. I am having trouble feeding them. I feed them in the mornign when i wake up, and the evening Usually when i go to bed, but not always that late. I bought cichlid pellets that float at first, but after they sit in the water for...
  7. RubyRuby234

    Ruby and Opal hard at work!

    I cleaned the tank and moved some things around. Well two fish that shall remain nameless were unhappy with my design and south to fix it! Sassy girls!!
  8. T

    Oscar With Tiger Barbs And Cray?

    So I have a tank with a school of 5 Albino Tiger Barbs and 2 Common Crayfish (One missing a pincer) However, I've been thinking that maybe an Oscar would be fine too? The Tiger Barbs are decent size, though I think still pretty young and not at full potential in growth. The Cray with only one...
  9. X

    Possible Oscar tank

    Hey, all! This is another thing I might do if I get a 75 gallon or, if I'm super lucky and can pull off the miracle of both finding room for it and managing to convince my landlord to let me, a five foot tank like a 125 gal. I've done a lot of research on oscars before, but had just a couple...
  10. E

    Ick Away treatment on a tiger oscar with an open wound?

    About a month ago I agreed to take my friend's fish because he was moving, so I am relatively new to fish-keeping. I have 11 convict fish, 2 jewel cichlids and one 8 inch tiger oscar. After about a month the big guy acquired ick. I got the product "Ick Away" from the pet store and was able to...
  11. L

    Tiger Oscars Antisocial- Mother wants to give up

    On Tuesday my mother got 2 Tiger Oscars and put them in her tank, a 10 gallon, yes I know it's too small, it's only for now until she gets a 55 gal. The lady at the store reccomended Omega One cichlid pellets to feed them with. When we put them in the tank, they went to the bottom and hid...
  12. MikebNJ

    FREE | Wild caught Tiger Oscar about 9 inches | $0 | Central NJ | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FREE What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Wild caught Tiger Oscar about 9 inches What are your prices?: 0 Where are you located?: Central NJ Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: I am clearing out a tank which includes a 9 inch wild caught Tiger Oscar...
  13. L

    sociopath green terror

    Hello everyone. As a first time south american cichlid owner I was wondering what caused my green terror to snap and what I can do about it. So here's the story. I have a nice 55 gallon setup with 6 fish in it, all between 3-5 inches. The green terror and a starry night cichlid were the first...
  14. Sizzy905

    Filtration for one Oscar

    I have a new 75 gallon tank. It's already cycled and is running an aquaclear 110. Is that filtration enough for just one full grown Oscar? And maybe (that's a big maybe) just one other cichlid that can go with an Oscar. I've seen in a lot of posts people suggest keeping a lot more filtration but...