1. GiantFishKeeper101

    Help Id weird catfish

    what kind of cat is this? It's like giraffe cat mix with wallago. Never seen before in my life.
  2. Rayfishowner

    Help Bichir sick :(

    Hi i have a lapreidei who is kept divided with my female flower horn. The bichir is 9 inches and the flower horn is 4 inches. Last night the bichir was able to escape and jump over to th other side with the flower horn where he was bitten badly with bloody top and anal and pelvic fins. After I...
  3. moe214

    Interesting behavior

    Just wanted to share some cool behavior my curu has been doing the last couple days, and wonder if anyone else ever noticed something similar. So my ornate bichir hides a lot, if you look at my old thread the two were practically inseparable and were always together, now whenever my bichir is...
  4. N

    Lungfish Attacking Air Stone

    Hey everyone, I've got a african lungfish, around a foot long now, and for some reason today he has been attacking one of the airstones in my tank. I noticed he did it this morning, and when I tried to get it on video he stopped. When I came back just now tonight, it seems he has made...