1. Cichlids keeper

    Fertile Male blood parrot YouTube

    On YouTube there is this YouTuber called Ghettofish360 and they have a male Blood Parrot that is fertile and has produced fry. Just posting this here in case anyone wanted to check it out.
  2. PGJE

    Just wanted to show off my aquariums!

    I'd say I'm pretty successful with my tanks, and I'd like you to see them!
  3. islandguy11

    Who will win the YouTube battle for #1?

    Joey King of DYI, was the first aquarium related YouTuber to reach 1,000,000 subscribers, quite a milestone love/hate him. He currently has about 1.2 million subs. Paul Cuffaro, who is much younger and started quite a bit later, has now skyrocketed to 1.1 millions subs (even if quite a few more...
  4. HybridFinatic

    Best temp for Central America cichlids?

    Now I know a lot of different people who like to keep their tanks at different temps for different reasons. I have heard of people keeping them at 68 degrees in the winter to act as it would in the wild. Most people seem to keep their tanks at 75-80 degrees. A amphilophus keeper on YouTube said...
  5. freshwatertanks

    Set up of my Geophagus Tapajos Red Head Tank

    Hi guys! Made some videos of my new geophagus tapajos red head tank. Have a look if you like! Appreciate any comments! Thanks!
  6. itrebebag99


    I just wanted to express my opinion on the obnoxious YouTube channels that engage in this specific behavior. These youtubers start off by fishing in privately owned lakes, many times the lakes and surrounding property are clearly marked with "no trespassing signs", sometimes there is even a...