African Cichlid Tumor? Please Help


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Feb 13, 2018
Please help. I have an African Cichlid with a growth on its face. I think it might be a tumor but I’m not
sure. I do a weekly 50%water change and I over filter. I treated the entire tank with Triple Sulfa which did not help. It started by looking like it had swallen nostrils and now it moves from the sinus area to the side of his face. I’m very attached to this fish and I don’t want to she him suffer. He is eating just fine. Please share your thoughts any advise would be much appreciated.

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Jul 17, 2017
I saw a show on The National Geographic channel where a veterinarian was set up to do work on fish. Hose feed water into it's mouth over the gills while rest of the fish was in a cradle. It was a big kio, had a tumor on it face. The vet cut it off, and fish turned out fine.

So you would have to find a vet set up for fish work such as this. Not sure if they would do it on such a small fish as a African cichld, like I said it was a big Koi on the show.

Best of luck to you and your poor little fish there.


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Jun 7, 2007
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hard to tell, even after tried to get a better view, but as jexnell, said, there is surgery, as to whether or not that's a consideration well.....there's cost, there's the risk, and if its carcinogenic whether it would even work.
fish get tumors and cysts just like we do, some go away, some don't, some are dangerous some aren't.