Black Ghost Knife

wild bill

Fire Eel
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Apr 4, 2010
three hills,ab. canada
Apparently she has found to more juvies in her tank. They are smaller than the first one she found.


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Feb 15, 2007
Not trying to thread hijack but I have a 180 gallon tank and was going to purchase a couple BGK'S and ornate bichers. The question was that all of the fish are less then 4in. Would they be ok in a tank that size or would it be to hard to make sure they got fed.


Redtail Catfish
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Feb 28, 2017
Hi all,

Previously i had a BGK, grew to about 6 inches before it passed on due to an accident while i was moving my tanks.

About 2 weeks ago, i bought another BGK about 3inches, it is now in a comm tank with my angels, 6 x tiger barbs and 3 x dwarf gouramis. What amazed me about this new BGK is it is very outgoing. Every time i put my finger in the tank, it will come and swim around and nip at my fingers and i see him swimming all the time. My angels and barbs does the same too.

This is opposite of my previous BGK which will hide and only comes out during feeding time looking for food but never swimming up to my fingers.

Diet: Frozen bloodworms and flakes

Oscarum monstruoso

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May 3, 2010
My BGK is my most personable fish, I absolutely love that guy. He usually sleeps in his log, but he can sense when Im near the tank and comes alive, he gets up and starts to wiggle and wag his tail like a dog. Then I'll call him out and he starts coming out slowly, an inch at a time then he comes out and starts darting around the tank looking for food, he scarfs up small carnivore pellets like a vacuum, he just inhales them.

Three years ago he flew out of the tank when he hit a piece of krill on the surface, luckily I was there and I picked him up and put him right back but after that he stayed on the bottom for two years, and still is reluctant to eat off the surface.

Ive had all kinds of fish, but that BGK is something special.


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Jul 28, 2012
United States
I love all knives they really are a special type of fish right now I have a BGK and an Afer but I've also had a Carapo and truthfully only the BGK hasn't been a jerk. My Carapo had to be moved to his own tank because he was an a-hole and my Afer has been named Jack short for Jacka$$

Erin and Greg

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Jan 21, 2018
I could use some advice with my bgk. I have a 210 gallon with a lot of large fish in it, including a 10in arowana and a 12in clown knife. I worry that my bgk is too small to join them right now, so I have him separated in a smaller tank (5gal) but he won't grow. He's about 4in long, I'd like him to get at least 8 before he joins the others.

I know 5gal is very small, but is there any way to get him to grow more before he joins the others?