Finally breeding my gold veil angels!


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Aug 22, 2012
I thought I'd document my breeding pair of gold veil angelfish!

Just recently set up a 33 gallon natural themed tank for them, recorded them today as being their first day in the tank and I will be recording them as events unfold! Minimum amount of videos I hope to post will be once a week. I hope you subscribe to the thread and my account!

Any comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated! Enjoy

Watch "Gold Veil Angelfish Breeding DAY:1" on YouTube


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Nov 18, 2015
Ok so all I've seen is the first video so lets all keep that in mind. From viewing the first video I see several things that will need to be addressed for you to be successful. Number one is be patient. The water is a tale tale sign of a little bit of being to excited "which is a good thing". Just need to harness that enthusiasm. Angels like soft water which the drift wood is a good thing. You need a piece of slate or a small clay flower pot will do nicely. Angels are vertical layers so they need a nice flat vertical surface to lay on. Two is the other fish in the tank. Most angels will be afraid that the other fish will eat their eggs. So they will eat them themselves. They also will lay good on a amazon sword plant. You are gonna need some moss or some thing thick to provide some hiding for the fry if you plan on leaving the parents in the tank. I personally take the eggs and hatch them in a separate set up.