1. gclifishguy

    Want to Buy  Wild caught or F2 Manacapuru Red Shoulder angelfish

    I am looking for a group of at least six that can be shipped to NY preferably by air. PM me if you have any.
  2. N

    Not laying eggs but cleans the slate!!!

    This pair of mine after two successful batches, now they are busy cleaning the slate since a month but never layed eggs yet. All water parameters are accurate and Ph is always between 7 and 7.5 and TDS is always between 140ppm and 200. And tank is situated near other breeding tanks and is free...
  3. Cichlids keeper

    Angelfish Mirror trick

    Can a mirror be used to draw out a Nuchal Hump from a male angelfish? I was wondering because it works for Flowerhorns so I just wanted to know.
  4. Fishpony

    Angelfish No longer swallowing food

    Hello guys and gals, I've got a fully grown angelfish that I've had for, oh 3 or so years. He's about 5 inches in length. Anyways he stopped swallowing his food for about 3 weeks. Like he'd suck in the food particle and then chew it for a few seconds before spitting it out. My other angelfish...
  5. rockarolla70

    Angels: Need a clarity on feeding "Australina Black Worms"

    I need a clarity on this, this question may sound stupid but still ... Can we feed "Australian Black Worms" to Angels ? (pic attached) a) If NO, why ?? b) If YES, then can they be fed on a daily basis ? c) If NO, why ?? d) If YES, will the bio-load have a effect on a planted tank in any...
  6. N

    3 angelfishes paired up!!!

    I have 75 gallon tank with 8 angels and 5 guppies.. and I have two PVC pipes places on both corners. Now there are 3 angels in one corner (2 males and 1 female). One male mainly protect the territory and other two take care of the eggs. Is it common in angelfish?? And if i wanna move this pair...
  7. N

    Can a group of adult angelfish pair off???

    I have recently added 7 Platinum angelfish and 8 Koi angelfish in my 75 gallon tank. Tank is fully cycled and all water parameters are as required for angelfish. Can I find at least one breeding pair out of these 15 adult angelfish? Cuz all the angelfish breeders I see in youtube asks to get...
  8. M

    Help with 90 gallon tank

    hey guys I want to set up a 90 gallon tank as a non aggressive community tank, I think I want to keep it South American mostly and I want to add a black ghost knife fish some stiphodon goby and a school of fish probably some kind of tetra, I was wondering if I would be able to put in some...
  9. G

    55 Gallon stocking

    I am stocking my 55 gallon finally after letting it cycle for a few months, I want a few angelfish and a larger school (8-10) of Serpae Tetras. I want 1-2 other fish that are big for a center piece, I’ve been told kissing gouramis wouldnt work. Does anyone know of a larger fish I could keep with...
  10. Willyy

    Small motoro, wild angels, G. Dicro

    Looking to thin out my stock before school starts, interested in trades for neotropical (Uruguay) gymnogeophagus and crenicichla. Send me offers on whatever.
  11. PGJE

    red line under dorsal fin on angelfish??

    My angelfish has a pale red line under his dorsal fin, I don't know if thats anything bad, but he never had that before, it wasn't part of his coloring. He still eats and swims around like normal, but I just want to make sure he's okay, or what i could do to help him. Here are a few pictures...
  12. B

    Angels with Neon Tetras

    Hey guys! I really would like to do a school of the Neon Tetras with an Angelfish, because I love the diversity. But, I don't want to individually name them "Snack-Time". ( I should probably be asking if it is actually possible to house Angels in the same tank with Neon Tetra's at all, if you do...
  13. PGJE

    any suggestions for community tank fish?

    I'm going to upgrade my turtles tank soon and free up my 50 gallon, so i was planning to move my angelfish, dwarf gourami, cory's and danios into it. i'm then going to add 2 more angelfish. If thats not fully stocked already, are there any other types of small fish that would be good in a 50...
  14. PGJE

    post pictures of angels

    post pics of your angelfish.
  15. Kiryoku

    65 Gallon Aquarium Set Up Ideas?

    i currently have a 5 inch short body srd flowerhorn in it bare bottom. i was wondering if i should keep the flowerhorn or should i sell it, and set up the tank with discus or platinum angels or anything else? any ideas on stocking the tank? i'll probably make it a planted tank if i'm going to...
  16. W

    Hole in angelfish dorsal fin. Need help!

    Ive got one of my platinums blues breathing heavy and almost appears to have ammonia burns to the point where a hole formed in his dorsal fin leading to the entire thing being weakened and slowly ripping down the middle. I’ve done acouple almost 90% water changes and he still doesn’t appear to...
  17. D

    Knife Fish Compatibility

    Hello all! I am slowly stocking my 150 gallon tank and I was wondering if a BGK would be detrimental to the health of my other fish. I currently have six 1.5-2" clown loaches, and four angelfish. I will be adding 3-4 ropefish, and 1-2 bichirs, and maybe 1-2 pearl gouramis. My question is...
  18. PGJE


    I have a 23 gallon community with an algae bloom that won't go away no matter how many times i change the water. I have tried to reduce the light (can't do it too much because I have plants in the tank), I added algaecide, and I have added a pad in the filter that is supposed to reduce nitrates...
  19. Kingrancher2011

    Platinum Angelfish

    Decided to sell my group of 6 platinum angels getting close to breeeding age $10 each pickup or meet central Ohio
  20. Capt_Rick_Dixie

    Repaired a cracked 150 *PIC HEAVY*

    Hey guys! Just to give you fair warning this post is going to be a bit pic heavy but I'll try to keep the amount of reading to a minimum for ya :D A couple of months ago I found a cracked 150 gallon tank on Craigslist for a steal. I was already planning on building a plywood tank so I...