New used tank! Vol. III


Redtail Catfish
MFK Member
Jul 12, 2017
Fredericksburg va
Found another craigslist gem, this time it's in great shape and did not come with hazardous waste like so many people try to push on you. This time it's a mint condition oceanic 7-foot 220 gallon that a gentleman fishkeeper had kept in perfect storage for over 20 years.

What a score. I don't know what all treatment it's getting yet, but it's getting a full reseal at the very least, and glass crossbraces will be added to reinforce the decades old plastic trim.

I'm thinking of a floor level setup with a side sump, but it could turn into a full build with custom sump if I find the time and money. I almost don't want to drill it though, these old quality tanks are getting hard to come by these days, maybe just a sponge filter and goldfish tank.

Thanks for reading, will update with progress in coming weeks.