obtaining a permit to keep restricted species!


Fire Eel
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Apr 13, 2019
Pardon me, Original Poster, I just noticed TheReefer TheReefer 's question and thought later about the thread category. No harm and instrusion meant and actually the subject matter of our posts could impact restricted species.

TheReefer TheReefer , another good point. I am not a microbiologist, I think I may have seen one somewhere on here site. I am sorry I don't remember his avatar name or which thread I saw his post, it has been some time and many threads ago.

Some people dispose of their tank waste water in their plant beds or yards. I think that is generally safe. Many variables can be involved. For instance: how long which pathogens can survive out of water, and making certain your aquarium waste water is not near a drain, ditch or waterway. I think the soil acts like a filter. The fish waste water acts as a safe fertilizer for the plants and lawn. Like I said, I prefer bleach, and allow it to dissipate. Even after bleach dissapation, dilution with some tap water.

I use untreated fish waste water occassionally for the house plants, and of course a little fish waste in the aquariums makes the aquatic plants grow well and is part of the tank cycle.

If you suspect or are certain of a pathogen or a stubborn, suspect or unwanted strain of algae and have more than one tank, make certain your equipment is also sterilized before use in the next tank. You probably know to sterilize the inside and outside of your equipment followed by thorough rinses.
Thank you bringing up a good points TheReefer TheReefer .
Thanks, I use the water for garden use.