Offical Pike Cichlid Photo Shoot


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Jan 4, 2019
This is what I'm assuming is my female 2 spot pike chiclid...I have a Male who's about 7-8 inches n mostly hides...but this pike is always swimming around is shorter around 5 inches n has beautiful colurs like white an black markings in her dorsal fin splashed with red and the striping on her is really dominant...if sumone can help me identify this pike as a female...that would be great !!! Shes shorter rounder n acts different then my big Male of the same age...just looking for a second opinion


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Jan 13, 2019
Lancaster, PA
hi, i was hoping someone here could help me identify my new pikes, bought them as punctata and reticulata.. i truly appologise for the crappy quality on the pictures but it was the best i could do.. ill try to take som better ones later, but they are pretty small and rather shy.. i have 3 rio xingu I form before but these guys are way to big to be with my latest and ill try to post some pics of them later.. Great site by the way, not many here in norway that are into pikes :screwy: great fish

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The last two are Compressiceps, and the first one is a gentle Pike (common name, I don't remember the scientific name) so, chances are you were ripped off. Sorry