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Jul 20, 2015
I have recently bought 2 Parrots and a few Frontosas for my 55g tank. The Frontosas are really small and the Parrots are quite small too. But the issue is that the Parrots, though peaceful and extremely shy, seem to push the frontosas while feeding and grab most of the food. I feed the fish bloodworms and sinking pellets in two coconut shells but the parrots take over them both when the food comes. Can you please suggest a solution?

Also, I provide them Hikari mini pellets but it seems too big for Frontosas. They seem to struggle with whatever leftovers they get. The fronts try to pick it up but it won't fit their mouth so they drop it and try again and it continues. Do you know if the Hikari tropical micro pellets will be any good for the fronts? Also, can you suggest any other really small food suitable for them?

Finally, can the Frontosas live only on bloodworm / blackworm?

Thank you for your help.


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Jun 2, 2013
How big are your Frontosas and Blood a Parrots ?

Feeding - switch to flakes. Those blood parrots will not be able to gobble up all those flakes as quickly as they can with pellets. Soak the flakes a bit (few seconds) and dump it not the tank.