Sign a petition to legalize Asian Arowana in the US!


Redtail Catfish
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Jan 26, 2020
Canton SD
Again? 2 year old thread and a banned member...exmember.
Not a bad idea though.
Lol I honestly don't know why ppl keep trying to revive a dead thread instead of making a new one themself. Yeah I will agree that it is a stupid law but then again America is filled with stupid laws. Like "no whaling" in Oklahoma or "no bathing your donkey on Sunday" in New York. Only reason these are still laws is because they are just too lazy to change it. Lol not like ya can go whaling in a land locked state anyways.

But idiocracy aside, I still agree that someone should start a new petition/thread to legalize arowanna among other illegal species to be allowed for controlled trade/sale in the US. Emphasis on controlled trade/sale. Because if we don't control it, it will eventually come back to bite us in the A-$-$ in some way shape or form. We don't need a repeat of how Florida turned out.