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    Something I’ve noticed.

    Discussion in 'General Aquaria Discussion' started by fishhead0103666, Jan 10, 2019.

    1. Lilyann

      Lilyann Dovii

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      Feb 20, 2017
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      Today at 6:17 PM
      These conversations have made me more aware of the fluctuations in tap of chlorine/chloramine residuals.
      Interesting @duanes@duanes mentions "the nose test."
      Yesterday I did a 75% water change on my 180 gallon. When I went to add water back, was letting the tap get to proper temp I noticed a very strong chlorine smell and almost frothy nature to the tap water as it was warming.
      I had already dosed Prime into the tank for total volume and then worried, is this enough Prime? The smell appears to be very strong of chlorine. And why is it so bubbly- "froth-like?
      I waited until tank was half-way refilled and added some more for "good-measure" and observed the fish as the water continued to fill. I also gave the geophagus and other bottom--feeders some pellets to test their comfort level. All quickly went about eating. So, it was fine.
      The frothiness was water in the line? Micro-bubbles, I am assuming- but interesting that it coincided with the powerful chlorine smell.
      I packed the python end with lots of sponge-foam material to ensure the bubbles came out larger and dispersed at top of water column.
    2. Artt

      Artt Exodon

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      Katherine Louise
      Dec 26, 2018
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      10 minutes ago
      I tried looking up these things for my water provider and can't find them. However I did find a fact sheet aimed at fish keepers provided by the water supplier.

      The water heater draining, I have never heard of this. Is there any articles on here that someone can throw up a link to? I'm interested in learning more about this and if it is something that I need to do.
    3. Mitchell The Monster

      Mitchell The Monster Plecostomus

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      Nov 5, 2016
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      Today at 9:07 AM
      Just discovered this thread and haven't read past the first page but my silver dollars would act like that in my old 60 gallon during water changes and I just kept all my air stones going while the water change was going to keep a little more water airation for them.
      My current group of redhooks never have that issue during water changes or anything now, idk if it is becuase they are in a 125 now+ bigger school and better oxygen levels or what.

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