Tanganyika biotope monster tank 1800gal


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yes, bigger the mouths, bigger the bites! :) Well, partition in that beautifully beast tank doesn't look good! Only problem with the aquarists are fish compatibility issues.. if you go with African cichlids as all of them in that tank, with average the same size, they should do fine.. OR else, it will be the same as they do in the wild, they kill each other for their always hungry tummies, and they become meaner day by day, and bully the small cute ones! I have a way, way way too smaller tank then yours, parted parrot and kamfa fry for two weeks with mesh net divider, but they stayed confused, unhappy and scared in little space, when they were altogether without partition, they started bullying each other, meany fishes.. So I had to give my parrot fish away even though I and my daughter have been so attached with him, very healthy and happy fish he was until I introduced a little kamfa fry to the tank (my mistake!), but the interest to keep FH led me to that mistake!

So in short, yes, sometimes it's very hard decision with our fish collections! We become sad when we loose any fish, naturally or by giving them away!

Better to identify compatible tank mates before we put them in the tank which I did the mistake!!

All the very best!
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