125 gallon

  1. Brittanirdh


    So I got my 125 gallon. Plan to move my EBJD, 1 angle, 3 Pictus cats, remaining long fin danios, and nerite snails to this tank once I get it up and running. The EBJD are obviously blue, and the angle is blue/silver/black/red/golden depending on its mood, danios are silver/yellow, Pictus silver...
  2. swomley93

    River Rocks in the aquarium

    I was wondering if it was safe ( after bleaching and or cleaning, and the vinegar test ) to put rocks from the stream in your aquarium. I have done some research and everyone i have seen has mostly said yes. And if so and there is built in green algae stuck on there will it continue to grow and...
  3. MikeGuerra


    2-3 weeks ago I put good fish in my tank to see how the water is in my 125 just set it up about a month ago. They did great so I got a silver aro a Florida gar and a CK but the past few days all the gold fish got cloudy eyes and a white film on parts of there body and also looks like some fin...
  4. MikeGuerra

    IN NEED OF LFS Around Queens PLEASE

    Hi guys just got back into the hobby with a 125 after being out for about 2 years. Just went to my 2 lfs's I always use to go to and they're really slacking they have nothing. Does anyone live in queen or Brooklyn ny and know a good lfs that usualy has some good fish. Please let me know thank you
  5. Dustin0413

    Tank and fish rescue

    I'm a forum newbie here, but I've had aquariums for over ten years and want to share my current story: The last few years my 125 gal SA cichlid tank has been at my buddies house/old roomate. I decided to leave it there after my wife and I bought a new house. He kept the tank for the last 4...
  6. P

    First Tank (125 gallon) - Which Cichlids should I get?

    I just bought a 125 gallon fish tank and it will be my first tank ever. I want to put Cichlids in it, so I'm looking for suggestions on which ones I should get. I'm looking for low-maintenance, colorful Cichlids that are the least likely to become aggressive against each other. I plan to buy...