55 gallon

  1. Benthebassmaster

    Angelfish behavior

    Am i the only person who’s angelfish handfeeds and chases my finger across the glass after 3 weeks of keeping them
  2. S

    55g South American Tank

    Hi guys, I am swapping out my African Cichlid tank for some sort of South or Central American cichlids, but I am not sure what I want/can have. I like the idea of having something breeding in the tank, but don't want 8000 babies that I can't t rid of. So, I have a 55g tank with gravel (I will...
  3. Jacob6556

    Will this tank setup work? Opinions needed!!

    So this is a follow up from my last post for a great stocking idea for my new 60 gallon tank! My tank has two rock caves, a pot, and two pieces of drift wood. I also have a large filter under the tank and a power head to provide a good current in the water. So my stocking idea I got from my last...
  4. Jacob6556

    Will this 60 gallon setup work? Please help!!

    So I got a empty 60 gallon tank, it’s a little over 4 feet long and yes I cycled it threw and put a few small fish in it for the time being. So my idea was to buy a Jack Dempsey, a green terror, a convict, and then two African cichlids! This would be a dream setup as I been looking into moving...
  5. Jacob6556

    Goldfish in need of help!!

    So I just bought a used fish tank from a friend and the fish tank was completely gross, I’d say hadn’t been cleaned in a year or more, the back wall was solid algae. So anyway the tank came with a 8 inch goldfish in it, and anyway the goldfish has many problems now that it’s a new tank. I have...
  6. J

    Can I add a convict or Firemouth?

    Hello all, so I have a 55 gallon with 8 tiger barbs, 6 Odessa barbs, a rainbow shark, and a Siamese algae eater. I am wondering if it would be okay to add a convict or a Firemouth to the mix. Or would that be a total bad idea? Or are there any other cool cichlids that could work?
  7. O

    Flowerhorn filtration

    I have a 55 gallon tank with a 6 inch flowerhorn in it. I have a penguin 350 and whisper 40. Looking to change up my filtration. Both hobs are old and loud. I've only ran hobs in the past but am open to anything. Anyone have some ideas?
  8. O

    55 gallon filtration

    I have a 55 gallon tank with a 6 inch flowerhorn in it. I have a penguin 350 and whisper 40. Looking to change up my filtration. Both hobs are old and loud. I've only ran hobs in the past but am open to anything. Anyone have some ideas?
  9. D

    Overstocked 55 Gal ~ Ca/Sa Mix

    I'm looking for some advice on my first Cichlid Tank. I've currently got a standard 55 gal aquarium 4ft x 1ft x 1.5ft (H). Its a planted tank, currently housing 6 Congo tetras and will need to house a 5-6 inch Rainbow Shark. The shark is pretty quick and aggressive so it should fit in with...
  10. Goldenburd

    Hydro heater problems HELP PLS MY FISH ARE BAKING ALIVE!

    So my hydor heater in my 55 Was set to 79 degrees F° and thermometers whers reading 91.3 F° and i though my thermometer was acting up but no every thermometer i put in the water it read 90 degrees F° so im confused so i turn the heater down 71 to see if it turned off and i did but no guarantee...
  11. J

    55 gallon bichir tank mates

    Hello all, I recently upgraded my 2 young angel fish and my 4 in Senegal bichir into a 55 gallon tank and I’m curious about if I could put something else in there. Like an acara or Firemouth or something of that sort?
  12. Iamfish

    Fish suggestions for my 55

    So i recently moved my platysilurus to my 125 so I have some space in my 55 now. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for an active fish I could get. Current stock is Eba Toxotes mirolepis Megalechis thoracata Ossancora punctata Notoglanidium macrostoma or I might get bored an just...
  13. Mr geophagus

    55 gallon for sale in Virginia beach

    I have an old 55 gallon I’m looking to sell. It’s a bit dirty, but with a the azor scraper you could get it as good as new. I’m hoping for $50 for it.
  14. Mr geophagus

    Jaguar cichlid for free in Virginia area

    I have a jaguar cichlid that has become the runt of the pack. He is a solid 4” and an amazing eater. I don’t want him to die, so I’m putting him up on here. He is currently in a 30 gallon holding tank, but I can sell you a 55 to keep him in. The 55 is $50 (price negotiable) please consider...
  15. cichlidfan77

    3D background and sandfall, Marysville Washington

    I am selling my 55 gallon tank with a built in 3D background and sandfall. It is set up to run with any canisters filter. New silicone. What is a sandfall you say its a underwater waterfall of sand. I made it all with fish safe products epoxy and had it running for some time with no problems...
  16. A

    Green Terror tank mate suggestions?

    Hello, I am looking for some suggestions for potential GT tank mates, Gold Saum variety. My tank details are as followed: Brand - 55 gallon Ciano Measurements - 40”L x 15.5”W x 24”H Filteration - Fluval 406 External Filter My GT seems to be the odd relaxed one. He’s currently in with...
  17. M

    55 gallon tank(btw I'm loving the new update so much easier to make threads)

    Hello aquarium hobbyists! I have a 55-gallon tank with an Oscar, belly crawler pike cichlid and bichir. All of these fish are somewhere from 4-5 inches. I am planning on removing the Senegal Bichir because it stopped eating. My thinking behind this is that it shares the tank with two very greedy...
  18. Iamfish

    Peaceful cichlid for 55 gallon?

    Looking for another active fish for my 55 gallon tank. I have loved my electric blue acara and was wondering what other species of cichlid have similar behavior to eba. I have some ideas but was wondering if anyone has personal experience with any fish they would recommend. Thanks in advance :)
  19. Hybridfish7

    would a bristlenose pleco or two be ok in a 55 gallon with a 9 inch blood parrot

    Looking for a good cleaner fish for my 55 gallon, just wondering if a bristlenose pleco or two would be fine with my 9 inch BP. she's pretty aggressive, coming up on 9 years old now, nothing else in the tank but her if not bristlenose, then any other pleco species suggestions or any other cleaners?
  20. Iamfish

    Will this be to much?

    So I want to add 2 more fish to my 55 gallon and was wondering if it would be to much with the fish I already have and dont want to overstock it. I want to add a Toxotes microlepis and a l239 pleco, I currently have Peacock eel Albino Rainbow Shark Electic Blue Acaras Albino Cory Catfish Hoplo...