55 gallon

  1. C

    Fish for a 55 Gallon Tank

    Hi, I'm Calvin, I have a 26 gallon community tank with all passive fish, and I just got a 55 gallon tank. I was considering getting an arowana but I was advised not to. I was wondering if I could get your opinions on a good "spotlight" fish for my tank. Something that preferably would be big...
  2. xDestro

    Tetra whisper 100 gallon

    I just ordered the tetra whisper 100 for my 55 gallon, my plan is to use it on a 60 gal sponge filter and a 4 inch air disk. The easiest place for me to put the pump is on the floor on my stand so I'll have roughly 6 ft of tubing going up the back and down into the tank for each piece. Is this...
  3. xDestro

    Small cat suggestions

    Looking for a smaller catfish maxing out around 6 inches. Would like to find more active cats like hoplo but is there even any smaller more active cats?
  4. xDestro

    Cycling question

    I have a 55 gallon tank that will soon be cycling with some baby tetras, so do I / should I add that bacteria u can buy at pet stores to help boost the cycling process? Also when cycling what should my nitrates and nitrites be around and what is high enough for me to do a water change? Tank...
  5. xDestro

    Electric blue ram community fish?

    I'm setting up a 55 gal community tank and was wondering if an electric blue ram would be okay in it? I'll be running the tank at around 79 degrees with gravel substrate and 1 60 gal sponge filter and a 90 gal canister. I plan on getting a gourami, porthole catfish, a few rose line sharks...
  6. xDestro

    Water changes, 55 gallon

    So I'm about a week or so from filling up my 55 gallon and let the tank start cycling, my girlfriends mom is giving me a few baby tetras to help it get on its feet so I'm going to do about 20 gal water changes at least once a week unless needed, my question is what all goes into a water change...
  7. xDestro

    55 gallon, pleco

    What pleco species that arnt super expensive can live in a 55 for life? Say around $40 range.
  8. xDestro

    55 stocking

    I'm coming up on being able to stock my 55 and I'm stuck between a bad ass fish or a lot of community fish. My original idea was: • 1 gold gourami • 3 rose line sharks • 1 hoplo catfish • 1 pleco • 1 batia loach • 1 rainbow shark And possibly a few other species such as a cray fish or African...
  9. xDestro

    Cray fish barb safe?

    I'm getting close to setting up my tank and one of the fish I want Is a small school of rose line sharks (Denison barbs) but I also want a white crayfish. Would my barbs be safe with a cray fish around? Would it be best to let my barbs grow larger say 4 inches or so?
  10. xDestro

    sponge filter pre soak?

    i just went and bought a used 55 gallon tank stand a the guy had a sponge filters so i picked one up too since i want to have one with my canister filter when i get around to setting up my tank. i have some driftwood soaking in water with some prime in it and since the sponge was wet wen he gave...
  11. xDestro

    New, 55 gallon filtration

    Ok so I recently picked up a 55 gallon starter bundle kit from from petsmart (topfin is the brand) I haven't set it up yet but I was wondering about filtration, I kinda want a sponge filter to go along with the included filter so what do u think? Should I upgrade the included filter and if so...
  12. D

    Bgk tankmates?

    New to mfk. I recently got a 55gal but never set it up yet, also have a 29gallon just cycling, anyway I was wondering if it's possible to put a bgk and a red tail barracuda in the 55 for about a year? I was thinking I'd wait till the bgk grew just big enough where the cuda wont mess with it and...
  13. J

    Starting 55 Gallon Cichlid Tank - Input/Suggestions Appreciated

    Hey everyone, I'm new on the boards, and I'm getting back into the love of messing with my aquarium. I have a 55 Gallon tank with gravel filler, standard filtering (i'll post brand/etc if needed) and heater. I had some rocks we were going to use in our flower gardens, but I acquired them and...
  14. MorningStar

    Fish for sale. Dats, Clown Loaches, Endli, Delhezi, etc.,

    Hello Everyone, I am selling a few of my fish and giving away. I'm located in SoCal area in the 92551 area. Here's whats up for grabs; * 5 - IT Dats. (2-4" eyeball) $30 for all 5 * 6 - Clown Loaches. (2" eyeball) $20 for all 6 * 1 - Delhezi (3.5" eyeball) $5 * 1 - Endli (6-7" eyeball) FREE *...
  15. ubomb623

    FS 55 gallon tank, big birchirs, eclipse cat. Libertyville IL

    Selling my 55 gallon full set-up. First must sell fish, have 2 large delhezi birchirs, and one large eclipse catfish. After they are gone, selling the 55 gallon set up, comes with stand, fluval 306 filter, and ac110 filter, lights, everything you need. Asking $50/each birchir, $20 for...
  16. Nativefishkeeper904

    How can I get some fish out of a heavily planted large aquarium?

    I have 3 bluegill sunfish in a planted 55 gallon aquarium. I have tried for hours to get them with a net but they are too quick! I want to give them to my friend but I can't get them out of the tank.
  17. Nativefishkeeper904

    How many South American cichlids can I keep in a 55 gallon aquarium?

    I bought a 55 gallon aquarium with my Christmas money recently and I cycled it with the most hardy fish my pet store had. Convict cichlids. Just watching their personalities come out was just amazing and I grew attached. I have 2 males and 2 females in the 55 at the moment. They are not breeding...
  18. K

    Sengal Birchir With Electric blue Jack Dempsy

    I have a cycled 55 gallon and wanted to know if a EBJD can live with a Sengal Birchir? I would get them both at tiny sizes
  19. K

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsy

    Can a EBJD live with a sengal Birchir? I have a cycled 55 gallon and I would get both at tiny sizes.
  20. Kangadrew

    Polypterus Senegalus Tankmates

    Hey guys, I have a 55 gallon cycled and ready for some fish to move into it. It's god some driftwood, large rocks, live plants, and gravel/fluorite subsrate - pretty much a basic setup, just got nice-looking plants and threw everything together. I'm moving my senegal bichir into it, as she's...