1. D

    Help with new Aquarium Sump (Identify this sump please!?)

    I just bought a 110 gallon acrylic aquarium from craigslist. Its a restore job, but i got a great deal. It came with a sump. I know how to restore the acrylic, but i have never had a sump before. I watched a million videos on youtube on sumps, but i cant figure out what kind this is. The baffles...
  2. T

    Max acrylic tank length

    What would be the maximum tank length you could safely go for if it was built from acrylic? I've seen 8ft or 96 inches thrown around but is there any reason for this or could I go bigger?
  3. JK47

    WTT/FTS • Acrylic Tank for Sump • Vancouver WA • PU

    i feel bad turning this tank into a sump for the next build. Before I start drilling holes for 2" bulkheads in the side, I thought is should see if any local MFK'ers want to use it as a tank in trade for a sump of similar size (larger preferred, won't consider smaller) for tank or sump that is...
  4. Bryan Crownover

    Need to build an Arowana tank in my basement

    I have a baby Silver Aro of about 3 to 4 inches long and I want to get a solid plan out and begin stockpiling materials and gradually building to move him in when he grows more on me. I have plenty of space in the basement and I am thinking of doing it plywood and acrylic. Looking at my...
  5. T

    FS | Stunning 400 gallon acrylic show tank | So Cal

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Tank, Canopy, Stand, PVC plumbing. What are your prices?: $3000 Where are you located?: So Cal Pickup or Able to Ship?: PICK UP ONLY Description: 400 gallon aquarium. 1.5 inch bullet-proof acrylic. Tank, stand...
  6. Cichlasomniac

    For Sale  220 gallon acrylic aquarium

    Acrylic aquarium dimensions 8 feet long 32 inches wide 16 inches tall Euro braced and thick Removable top lids Solid wood stand with covers Great for salt water reef Arowana Stingray Anything really $800 705-984-4568 text or call Drained and ready for pick up in Woodstock, it's only...
  7. japbart

    FS 48"x30"x20" acrylic tank p/u only SoCal 90020

    Tank is 48"x30"x20" (or 24") not too sure about the height. Tank has center overflow with 1.5" drain and 1" return. Very minimal scratches and can be easily buffed out. Love this tank but I'm getting a new one and I don't have space. Tank is $600 and includes: Ray2 48" Stand 40g sump I...
  8. Covetous

    Tank choices.

    I'm looking into getting a new tank. I'm looking at a 100g,120g, or a 125g. My main question is, is acrylic worth the money? I can get a tank and stand for around 600 new in glass. Or I can spend about 850-900 to get just the tank in acrylic. A "clear for life" tank. But then I'd have to make...
  9. T

    New to me aquarium with multiple returns from sump

    So I got a 230 gallon acrylic tank and it has one hole to the sump and five returns. Two along the back and three down the middle of the tank. My question is should I plug the three in the middle and just use the two in the back or use all of them. is there a benefit to using all of them?
  10. moray eel man

    all about glass

    What id like to talk about is glass the types and thickness also how its used ... i understand why the bottom panel is much thicker then the front and sides but i have read that the sides must be thicker then the front also that it doesnt matter the highth of the tank ... also im wondering how...
  11. N

    Cleaning Acrylic

    Hey everyone. So I was wondering what everyone does to clean their acrylic? Obviously anyone with acrylic is worried about scratching it so I was wondering what all you're doing to prevent scratches as much as possible? I just watched the video of the guy with the 1700 gallon 'river' tank and...
  12. V

    Help with DIY acrylic tank

    I'm looking to build an acrylic tank within the next two months. I've been trying to come up with some dimension and fit as much of the tank on one 4'x8' sheet as I can, with no success. Would someone be able to help me come up with a cut sheet for it? I would like to only use 1 sheet of acrylic...