1. Sarahmander

    Started a YouTube channel!

    Let me know what you think!! :)
  2. I

    What kind of filtration is right for me?

    So I'm currently working on getting a 120 gallon aquarium (48"x24"x24") set up. It has a 30 gallon (36"x12"x16") sump which is currently set up in a rather underwhelming fashion. My current plans for drainage are as follows: the system will drain via two "megaflow" style overflows tied together...
  3. F

    In need of advice.

    Hey all. Recently I purchased my very first tank (second hand) and this past week have been busy researching everything I could find about keeping tropical fish - I'm looking for some advice on whether or not my equipment is enough to handle my set up and which fish I should buy for my first...
  4. S

    Injured fish! Please advise!

    Hi there! I’ve recently set up a tropical aquarium (a month ago) and have been slowly adding fish with advice from my LFS. I’ve been keeping a close eye on them and have (perhaps unwisely) carefully chosen names for all 13 of them. Today I came home from work and as usual checked the...
  5. H

    Monster fish tank design advice

    Hi all, I am close to ordering my first truly big aquarium. It is meant to be underneath the windows of the front of my house so there is no option of putting the tank on a stand. I came up with sort of a "side-sump" design and i would like to have feedback on it. The dimensions are...
  6. C

    Can I get Bichirs?

    Hey all, My dad's giving me his old 75g and I'm fairly new to the fish scene. Now, I really want Senegals, like really bad, but I've searched around and asked friends and I keep getting different responses on whether or not I can keep some in my 75g. I understand there's a lot of variables...
  7. T

    Worried about my large fire eel, looking for advice

    Hey everyone I don’t post often and I really should but I’m looking everywhere for advice and this is a likely spot. I’ve got 4 spiny eels right now one 15 inch tire track eel one 5 inch zig zag eel one 10 inch Borneo python eel and my beloved 16 inch fire eel I’ve raised from a baby. He has...
  8. X

    Hobby Revival - Monster Marine - Setup - Please Help

    Hi MFKers, Wordy post, please bare with me. I'm looking for help and point in the right directions. Well its been about 10-15years since I left the hobby and industry, back in the day I was heavily versed in Cichlids, L numbers and marine. Personally running 6 tanks largest being 6x2x6...
  9. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    DIY Filtration and media

    Whats your favorite DIY filter and media choice? I'm thinking of making a canister filter out of a 5 gallon pale and hook it up to my 125g for added filtration. I've seen a few different designs and ways to do it but curious to what you guys have came up with for DIY filtration and media ?
  10. Chinnavar

    Oscar tank

    Hellooo, I always wanted to have an oscar or 2, I recently found this cheap second hand Juwel rio 450 ( Dimensions are 151 x 51 x66 cm). Now I was wondering if it would be big enough for 2 oscars, a poly or 2 and a clean up crew and which filter would be ideal for this setup? Since I can save...
  11. PGJE

    Outgoing cichlids for a 23 gallon tank???

    I just recently emptied my 23 gallon tank from any fish and I was wondering what cichlids I could get? I want one that would be outgoing and swimming around a lot and excited to see me for food. I was thinking convicts, but are those too shy?
  12. B

    Need help with choosing new tankmates

    Here is the problem. I am an American and I live in Israel, in a small town in the Negev desert. Despite this aquariums are a common hobby in this town and there are 5 pet shops in this small town of 40,000 people. However the variety of fish available are limited and tend to rarely change...
  13. R

    75 gallon Jack Dempsey tankmates

    Hi, I'm setting up a 75 gallon aquarium with a Jack Dempsey as my main fish. I would prefer two, one male and one female, along with some Cory and Ottos as a cleanup crew. I would also like to add a minimum of six schooling fish that a nice to look at can hold their own in this aquarium. Any...
  14. Vikkram

    Silver Arowana in community Aquarium

    Dear Monsterfishkeepers, I have below fishes in my 240 gallon aquarium (96 inch length, 24 inch wide, 24 inch height) I am planning to move my 2 feet length Silver Arowana from my 75 gallon (4 feet tank) to my new 240 gallon. Can the Silver Arowana and my current fishes coexist and live...
  15. Vikkram

    Stocking suggestion for my 240 gallon

    Dear Monsterfishkeepers, I have added below fishes to my 240 gallon (96 inch length, 24 inch wide, 24 inch height) Please advice me whether my stocking is acceptable. I know it's overstocked. But I love all those fishes. Kindly someone suggest whether I can keep all these fishes happy. Tinfoil...
  16. P

    Advice On My Situation?

    Okay, so I've recently got ahold of 4 55G, 5 10G, a 40G and a 5G. I also have 14 1G each of which holding betta fish (They are fairly small, I know betta should be in at least a 2G)... Anyways, I spent $200 on the aquariums all together, along with each filter, lid, stand, etc. (Got a good...
  17. C

    How do you ship a lungfish?

    I've been trying to find out how to ship a lungfish but have not found any conclusive posts showing how. Would the shipping container have to be heated? Do I ship it in water? Or do I ship it in moist paper towels and foam? Would I poke air holes, or would the lungfish be able to breathe pure...
  18. R

    Electric Blue JD with Black Spotted Eel?

    Hello, I am thinking of setting up a 75 gallon tank with an Electric Blue JD and a black spotted eel. I am going with this eel as it is one of the only true freshwater eels I could find. Others needed brackish water. Does anyone have experience with this/ think it will work out?
  19. M

    How to care for my dinosaur bichir?

    So I've had this fish for maybe 6 years (I was ten when I got it) and I've had no clue how to raise this fish. I bought it from Petsmart and they told me to just feed him bloodworms every other day. I'd like to know what a dinosaur bichir needs and all, since I wasn't given any info about it...
  20. S

    Help! Clown Knife not eating!!

    Help! My 13" Clown Knife is not eating the pellets he has been raised on. What should I do? Do I buy another brand of food? I'm at a loss here. He is housed with an Oscar, Parrot, Red Devil, Eclipse Catfish, and a Turquoise Severum.