african cichlids

  1. F

    Can anyone help determine what killed fish after water change?

    I have owned this aquarium for over 8 years and nothing like this has happened to the aquarium before. 10 African cichlids just died belly up on the bottom of the aquarium all within 24hrs of the 60% water change, with 2 survivors a central American cichlid Jack Dempsey. I usually change the...
  2. J

    For Sale  Selling Off Fish and Tanks

    Frontosa 5-6” $50 Bowfin 14-16” $200 Bumblebee Cichlid 5” $20 Albino Clown Knife 12-14” $60 Turquoise Severum 5-6” $15 Buffalo Head Cichlid 2-3” $10 Uaru 4-5” $10 Flowerhorn 5” $20 75 Gallon Tank/Stand/Lids/Fluval 406 canister &Light $150 55 Gallon Tank/Lids with Light & HOB $75 Located In...
  3. Jacob6556

    Will this 60 gallon setup work? Please help!!

    So I got a empty 60 gallon tank, it’s a little over 4 feet long and yes I cycled it threw and put a few small fish in it for the time being. So my idea was to buy a Jack Dempsey, a green terror, a convict, and then two African cichlids! This would be a dream setup as I been looking into moving...
  4. D

    For Sale  Red Terror Festae and Christmas Cichlid for Sale

    1 Large Festae (Red Terror) Male 8-9 inches $80 1 Medium Festae (Red Terror) Female 6 inches $70 1 Medium Festae (Red Terror) Male 6 inches $60 1 Xystichromis phytophagus (Christmas Cichlid) 5 inches $15 I am located in Santa Ana, CA. You can come here and see the fish first, we can meet, or I...
  5. Fishnkdub

    Nimbochromis polystigma flashing and hurting itself

    I have had the fish for 3 years. Raised it from fry. It is 10 inches now and scraping constantly. He always did it a little bit more than the others, knocked some scales from time to time but never to the point of concern. But now he is messed up, stopped eating and staying in a corner. He never...
  6. Jacob._.merc

    Fish not eating anything I feed them

    So as you all know I have had an aggressive blood parrot that wouldn't allow my dragon blood peacock in the 90 gallon tank with him. Well things decided to work out I guess and she has accepted living with him in the tank. The only problem I have now is my fish will not eat absolutely anything I...
  7. Jacob._.merc

    African cichlid size

    Would a 4 inch peacock be okay with a 7 inch eyebiter? Not worrying about the other fish in the tank because they don't have huge mouths like the eyebiter. 90 gallon setup
  8. AlexCR

    Weird Spots on fish

    Hi everyone. This fish is in a communitarian thank with some American cichlids. First I would like to know if this is an Mbuna, and second, those brown marks in all his body wasn't there according to my colleges. It is a disease or it is normal on them? i assume due to the setup of the aquarium...
  9. BarnacleBoy

    What's causing my high nitrate levels?

    I have a 55 Gallon African Cichlid tank. Ph is 8.2. Temp is 81. HOB filter up to 60 gallons. Ammonia levels are 0- 0.25ppm. Very low nitrate levels. But verrrrryy high nitrite levels... above 5.0ppm. Tank is cycled and has been up and running for about a month. I dont overfeed my fish. When I...
  10. M

    Looking for recommendations

    I have a 150 gallon tank in which I keep Malawi Cichlids. I have a total of about 25 fish right now, with only 4-5 being larger (3-4") fish. The rest are juveniles ranging from an inch to 2.5 inches. I have mostly male peacocks and haps, with the exception of a yellow lab and a rusty, both of...
  11. BMG94

    African Cichlid finally had babies

    My male peacock cichlid and the mystery silver Cichlid female had mated and she had babies in a nursery net, it's been five days now and the babies have grown quite a bit.. lol I have video of them that I'll be posting later on just to let people observe
  12. Jacob._.merc

    Delhezi with africans

    Would a small delhezi (4.1 inches) be able to cope with 2 mbunas and 2 peacocks? They're each about 3 1/2 to 5 inches.
  13. T

    African Cichlid Babies 20 Gallon Tank

    I currently have a 20 gallon tank with a demasoni, yellow lab, tropheus duboisi, and bumblebee in it. All fish are juvies and I wanted to know how many I can keep in this tank. I will be upgrading to a 75 gallon, since this 20 gallon was free, but not for 6 months or so. Can I keep 8-10 babies...
  14. mattybecks

    Feeding regime for haps

    Hi Guys, I have a 5ft, 500 liter hap tank. 6x livingstonii 7x compressips 2x venustus 2x poly senegalus 1x Asian upside down cat 1x ancistrus and pleco All of the them apart from the ancistrus are larger than my hand, so I would say they are mature adults. the cichlids dig holes, drop eggs...
  15. Ankit Naidu

    Livingstonii or polystigma!?

    I'm confused can you guys please help me!
  16. Ankit Naidu

    Which Type of an African cichlid is this?

    Can you guys please help me find out which cichlid this is!
  17. Sublime cichlids Mike

    After lurking for many years... figured I'd join

    Hey everyone, I'm mike. Just thought id say hi. Had some time today so joined and all. Longtime central pa fish keeper. Fishroom with 20 tanks in basment, overhead air, insulated heated, ro. Few what yall call show tanks here upstairs. Planted high tech 90, 120 peacock hap, ca tank...
  18. Jakec96

    Double 75 gallon aquarium stand for 90 gallon tanks

    Hey everyone I'm trying to upgrade my double 55 gallon setup to a double 90, but I can't find any double 90 stands the biggest I'm seeing is double 75. Do you think I could use a stand ment for 2 75s for 90s? since they are the same length and width the only difference is the 90 gallon tank is 4...
  19. Jakec96

    Salt water substrate in African cichlid aquarium

    I recently bought a used 55 gallon from someone that I want to use as a grow out tank for mbuna African cichlids. The tank was previously a salt water aquarium. I was wondering if I could use the sand that it came with in an African cichlid setup or do i have to buy a new substrate. I'm not sure...
  20. Jakec96

    Filter water agitation avoiding and air stone

    Hi everyone im new to this forum. I would appreciate if someone could help me out. My brother is starting a new aquarium in his room it's a 55 gallon tank, that is 4 feet long, and he is planning on putting 25 one inch demesoni in there. The tank is in his bedroom so he wants it to be as quiet...