ancient fish

  1. Polypterus_36

    Polypterus bichir bichir "Lake Chad"

    My 18 inch PBB "Lake Chad" She is washed out at the moment, but my new tank will have a darker garnet sand to bring out her patterns.
  2. M

    For Sale  Polypterus Endlicheri

    I'm looking to re-home Female Polypterus Ansorgii about 1' and 4'' long. Pick up only.
  3. tomojsg

    For Sale  [FS] 11-12" Jaradini { SoCaL } P/U

    im going a different route so selling my jardini... one of the chillest jardini always kept with others. will pretty much anything! eats cut fresh sea food but also pellet trained so it will eat pellets! pickup at 90703 asking $250- fastest way to get in contact will be to pm ur number where i...
  4. P

    Arowana mixing

    Hello everyone hoping for some quick tips, I have a foot long Asian arowana in my 180 gallon tank 6x2x2 and I’m thinking of adding an albino silver or black arowana, I don’t have one picked out I’m just doing some preliminary research. Would this matchup be acceptable and are there ways to...
  5. Ashan Kavinda

    Polypterus Lapan ( Lapan Bichir )

    Ansorgi X Lepradei 11+ Inches in size The Biggest #Hybrid Bichir up to now with me
  6. Jacob._.merc

    Red (blood?) on bichir

    I noticed recently on my delhezi bichir that he has red marks on his underside. The almost look like cuts. He is housed with 3 other bichirs and 2 catfish. Is this something to stress over or will it heal over time?
  7. Z

    Please help baby arowana skin scratch/loss of scales

    Not sure if it was attacked or got scratched any ideas??? Its with 1 oscar and angel fish and they get along well then we saw this. Theres a wooden display thing at the bottom of the tank. Some parts of his flesh is exposed. Any suggestions on what to do? And how this situation looks like...
  8. ItsFishMoney

    80GAL Tank Build

    Hey friends. New member posting my predator tank build progress as it comes along. So far I have acquired and 80GAL tank that I have stripped and am going to reseal in next few days. I have also purchased a Fluval 406 filter with year supply of media. Icecap 3K Gyre flow for water circulation. I...
  9. Josh's Fish

    The True Diet of African Arowana (Heterotis niloticus)

    Anyone that has kept African Arowana (H. niloticus), have been aware of the difficulty that comes with keeping them. Is it a filter feeder? Does it eat fish? Why do they keep dying prematurely? This article I wrote for Life: Nature Magazine aims to answer any troubles you might have with...
  10. A

    Bowfin questions

    So I'm getting two baby bowfin finally lol here Thursday from eBay think there were some others on here that got some as well too. a little nervous because I've never got fish from the internet before but hope all goes well. Any who I got two of them and was wondering if they'll be compatible...
  11. L

    Keeping Sturgeon in Aquarium

    Hi there, I would like to become a monster fish keeper in the near future. It is my dream to have sturgeon, however, is it even possible to keep them in an aquarium their whole life? I have done some research, and noticed that shovel nose sturgeon stay relatively small (three feet or less). Is...
  12. A

    240 gallon Native

    My 240 gallon setup with a LargemouthBass bass,Florida Gar and Flathead Catfish have had them for about 5 years now. Too fun watching these monsters grow up and eat everything you throw at them. Here's a few pics of them, can never get a good pic of the flathead he loves his log almost never...
  13. A

    Bowfin availability?

    Been looking for one for almost year now with no results Was wondering if y'all MFK's got them via shops or if they were wild caught ones?
  14. Jacob._.merc

    Senegal bichir with delhezi bichir

    I currently own 2 bichirs in separate tanks. The Senegal is 5 1/2 inches while the delhezi is 4 inches. Would the Senegal be able to eat him?
  15. M

    LUNGFISH ILL-Museum of Natural History- please help, experts!

    Hello.. I am a research assistant in the ichthyology dept at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. We have an aquarium behind the scenes, and we have 2 african lungfish, each in identical tanks. We have had them for years and there have been no problems until now. One lungfish is...
  16. noandryano

    Can you find the difference between borneo & sumatra datnoid ?

    Hi guys, in the last few years, indo tiger fish (datnoides microlepis) become famous not only in ASIA, but also US and Europe region. I saw many hobbyist posted their lovely tiger fish, 3 bar or 4 bar, very stunning fish. But do you know that indonesia tiger fish has 2 types ? Usually...
  17. AG458

    How long before new clown knife fish start eating?

    Hi guys- I recently purchased a 3 1/2 inch long Clown Knifefish a couple of days ago. He kind of hangs around one part of my tank, where he rests. I was suggested to feed him sinking cichlid pellets. I was also told that he wouldn't eat right away. There are currently five pellets at the bottom...