1. F

    how much ceramic media

    how many grams of flual biomax do i need for a 230 gallon tank with a oscar , pleco ,RES turtle, 5 convicts, 2 accaras, 5 geophagus, and 3 severums. i have a 120 gallon tank as a sump filter. thanks!
  2. N

    Bio Media - Lava Rock

    This topic has probably been beaten to death but I have a very particular question. On the Lowes website they have a product called Red Lava Rock and here is the link. My question is the following, is this a crushed version...
  3. M

    Bichir Playing with Food

    Hello I am new to this website and I heard its pretty valid. I have a 55 gallon tank with a 4 inch senegal bichir. I am in the process of setting up a "gut loader" tank in which I plan to quarantine minnows that I will buy in bulk from my pet store. I dont want my bichir to starve so I have a...
  4. B

    Help, sick green terror

    Noticing some fading on him, his orange tips are now white at the ends??? He seems very interested in food but spits it all back out after eating. He has long white stringy poop. And somewhat normal behaviors, been treating with melafix api, no help, any ideas!?!?
  5. N

    Cycling with bacteria question

    Hi, I'm trying to cycle my tank with Dr. Tim's One and Only. I used an 8 oz bottle (entire bottle, shaken and inverted) for a 20g bare bottom tank. There is a lot of sediment at the bottom now. Is this normal? Can it harm fish? If I remove the sediment, will that slow the cycling process...
  6. F

    There are tiny white dots jittering around on my tank walls

    Hello After doing a routine inspection on my arowana tank, I suddenly noticed a lot of these white dot like organisms that are moving around in a jittery motion throughout the aquarium glass walls. If you look closely you can see that they have tail like structures and what appears to be two...
  7. xDestro


    I noticed the fx4 on my 75 wasn't pushing much water so I decided to clean it? I filled up a 20 gallon tote with 10 gallons of tank water and to get a bit more I added 5 gallons of tap water, well I added what I thought was declorinator to the 5 gallon bucket before I added it to the tote but it...
  8. L

    Best Bio filtration media?

    I know this could possibly start a big debate but that is what i need. In your opinion, what is the best non-commercial biological filter media? ie. lava rock pot scrubbers? I need a ton of it like enough to fill a 50 gallon drum worth. what is the best and dont cost an arm and a leg?
  9. xDestro

    Is my tank somehow cycled

    I have a 20L set up just sitting with eco complete, a piece of driftwood and matten filter for quite a while, 2 weeks ago I put a small delhezi bichir in there and added some water from another tank temporarily until I could transfer media, well the bichir died next day, today I noticed a bit of...
  10. xDestro


    Recently kinda destroyed my 75 trying to catch fish out so I decided to completely redo it with fish still in it, I removed black sand and replaced with fine white sand and cut up my driftwood to smaller chunks, process took 2 days and now today I noticed a **** load of tiny hair like things on...
  11. S

    Bio balls, 24-hour water & 1 month prior fish conditioning

    Twenty years ago when I wanted to set up an aquarium the methods used then are outdated probably. Back then after the tank is filled the water it's left to sit for 24 hours so the __________ would evaporate. I don't remember what was supposed to evaporate. After the rocks are added you get a...
  12. R

    Can you help identify these ........... Critters?

    Howdy folks, other than an introduction this is my first post. I've been lurking for a while and learning a bit from the brain trust here. I've tried searching here and at other sites with no luck in identifying these critters. A bit of background: The tank in question is a 10 gal FW that was...
  13. xDestro

    Re-scaping a tank?

    What the best way to redo the decor in your tank with minimum fish and bacteria loss? Is it best to put fish in bucket? Or lower water enough to do what you wanna do? I have a pretty heavily stocked 55g and I want to change the gravel to a course sand which will help my corys and loaches but...
  14. xDestro

    Sick fish or just bacteria?

    I noticed this white clear cloudish stuff on my driftwood only today and wasn't sure wat it is? I'M not gonna lie I have been over feeding a bit in order to have my roseline sharks eat a bit since the 15 platies demolish everything (they'll be gone in a week or 2) I'm gonna do a water change...
  15. xDestro

    Adding BB?

    Does adding bacteria to your non cycled aquarium cycle it? Or is its sole purpose to add it when you add fish to give the existing bacteria a chance to catch up? Is it a bad idea to add it to speed up cycling?
  16. HardBodyBullies1

    Suggestions on new tank setup

    How's it going MFK. I just set up a new 40 breeder, and getting a few fish from Thailand in a few days. Im looking for any good suggestions on wht to do to make sure my water chemistry is right in a short time frame. I've only used Prime and now I'm using Fluval Cylce concentrated biological...
  17. R

    Freshly sealed 265 gallon

    Ok just sealed my 265 and day by day i have added water and it is now full. I am planning on waiting a few days before i drain it (a few times) so that all toxins are gone. So now my question is if cycling it in my way will be good enough or should i do this dropping ammonia in it and watching...
  18. K

    BKG white mottled film, help please!

    Hello everyone :) My hubby and I are experiencing something strange with our black ghost knife. He is about 2 and a half years old and is in a tank with 3 clown loaches, 2 angels, 2 red-nose rummies and a zebra danio. Lately he has developed a white, mottled film on his body that doesn't extend...
  19. M

    Help! What medication should I use for my plecos?

    I really have questions that I am hoping you guys can help me with. I am not certain exactly what type of medication I should be using. So let me tell you what I have, and what I do, and hopefully you can help me figure out whether or not to keep doing the same thing or change it up. I keep...
  20. zachsta18

    Vodka, anyone?

    Does anybody here use Vodka in their aquarium? I have used it in the past to help establish new tanks and seen dramatic changes in water clarity and quality. I think it may have also helped get my biological filtration up and off the ground, but I'm not sure. Anybody else have experiences with...