1. xenacanth9

    Anyone keep "wild" bettas?

    Hi, I've been pondering a betta for my 29g. (neutral pH) I've kept splendens countless times in the past, and want to try something else. It seems as though most "wild" bettas require a crazily low pH, and my pH is about neutral. PH-wise, it seems as though I am just about limited to the...
  2. F

    ideas for 10 gallon no filter aquarium

    i'm doing a 10 gallon no filter tank ( where i use the plants to filter the tank) with a lot of fast growing stem plants grown both submersed and immersed. any ideas for what fish i add and how many. i want some brightly colored fish to contrast with the green plants (as i'm putting the tank in...
  3. B

    Will my Glofish Betta Split tail fully heal?

    I just bought a premium male betta from petsmart couple days ago. It is still very young but after looking closely it looks like its tail is split. Do you think the tail will fuse together as it grows or should I try to get another one?
  4. Goldenburd

    Just a photo that i forgot to submit for may photo of the month

    Heres the picture of cliff taken by my Samsung s7
  5. Jacob6556

    Will this work as a betta bowl! ??

    Well I have think cookie jar and I was wondering if I could use this for a betta tank? I see pet stores selling lil non filters drums smaller then this one for them, ofcourse I would add some rocks and maybe a little plant in there but do you think that this Jar is a fair size for one??
  6. OlgaMolga

    Breeding Red Worms for live food

    I just bought a can of 50ct Red Worms from my local bait store, I'm not sure how long it will last in my fridge before they die off in the lil can, I did some small time research online and I found out that I can raise and breed my Red worms properly feeding them table scraps, potato peels...
  7. A

    Tiny white bugs in betta tank and on betta

    Just recently I noticed tiny white bugs on the glass of my betta tank. After research I was under the impression they were safe to have in an aquarium. I had doubts when numbers increased however the research still said the same. This morning I woke up to find the numbers exploded and now...
  8. Iamfish

    New betta

    Decided to set up my old 14 gallon tank with a platinum halfmoon betta. Hopefully he enjoys the space. Here is a crappy phone video of him.
  9. CJ W

    Is my Betta sick?

    My Betta has a small white fungus like spot on him and I’m not sure if it actually fungus or not he seems to be doing just fine and is eating as usual
  10. freshwatertanks

    Meet my Mini-Monsterfish! :)

    hi guys. well i don't know if you are also interested in bettas, but i just want to share the video of my red dragon. i have 4 tanks in total and he became pretty quick one of my favorites, next to my geophagus tapajos red headheads!
  11. H

    Nox-Ich Instruction

    Good day, My 3 bettas have Ich and I was told to use the Nox-Ich product. The instruction is clear, yes, but I have some questions: - Do I add drops (drop / gallon) each day during the treatment? - Do I change the water each day during the treatment? Or only at the end of the 3rd day? Thank...
  12. A

    Treating Ick with heat and salt

    I know this isn't a monster fish by no means but I just purchased two ottos and didn't realize until a couple days later that they had Ick. They have been in the tank with my betta. Based on the fish I have is it safe to do a heat and salt method for treatment and if so what would the safe...
  13. E

    Betta dropsy

    Someone please help me! I recently found out my beautiful betta has dropsy and I don't know how to help him. I have bought melafix and I am adding that in the tank but it doesn't seem to be making a difference. does anyone know what else I can do to save his life? it is definitely dropsy as his...
  14. R

    betta fish

    is this a normal thing for a betta fish to do? i have guppies in my tank as well as a black ghost knife fish and they seem to get on fine besides i saw one of the guppies nip a bit of the tail of the betta. he usually hangs out in the plants and comes out a lot more at night but he does...
  15. T

    Betta with fungal infection

    My male veiltail betta has what I'm pretty positive is a fungal infection. I'm keeping him quarantined in warm water, (80 degrees) treated with salt and melafix. I'm also feeding him a mix of blood worms, hikari brand granules, and freeze dried shrimp flakes. He isnt looking any better, and it's...
  16. Hybridfish7

    Help! Betta acting strange!

    I have a koi halfmoon betta in a 2.5 gallon tank. I've had him for about 4 months now, and only recently moved him into this tank. Well for one the flow of the tank is pretty strong. Any suggestions on slowing the flow? The intake of the filter also seems to be pretty strong... I just turned it...
  17. A

    Cannibal Mystery Snails

    I have a betta sorority, and had purchased 2 snails for the tank. 20gal, 3 girls (my fourth was an older betta, and passed a few weeks ago.) The girls were picking on a particular snail, and I moved it to another tank. I prefer purchasing baby bettas, due to the fact that I get to watch them...
  18. Night owl

    Breeding bettas

    I have a male and female betta together in the same 5 gallon aquarium I was wondering if there is anything special I must do for them to breed.
  19. M

    New to fish mania

    Hi all Is there anyone willing to take me on/mentor me? I have very little real knowledge - I inherited a fish tank and am teaching myself. I want to breed bettas /siamese fighters... but first I want to establish myself and my tanks - I'm in no hurry. Do it right, ya know? I bought my first...