1. Pred-Finatic

    My Betta.macrostoma log

    Starting this thread to keep a log of the development and eventually/hopefully the spawns of my Betta.macrostoma group. Started keeping these beautiful fish about 3 years ago, but I never got my male to hold for the full brooding period (was told it was due to my PH. Ideal spawning/holding ph...
  2. The Dave

    How to Culture And Feed Vinegar Eels To Your Fish

    One of the easiest ways to improve the growth rate of newborn fish is to give them ample supplies of healthy live foods. However, most live food cultures can be difficult to keep going over the long run. One exception is the vinegar eel. These creatures are incredibly easy to raise and feed to...
  3. The Dave

    An Incredible Video Of My Rosetail Betta Feeding On Mosquito Larvae

    Has anyone here ever fed their mosquito larvae to their Betta ? They love it, and it's fun to watch them chasing the larvae all around the tank. I put out several containers of water in a shady area near my home every year to allow mosquitos to lay their eggs in the water. I check it everyday...
  4. Angelphish

    This is what happens when your fish get too curious...

    Saturdays are my usual water change day. I did the water change on the 210, and the 20. The only issue I was having was that something got stuck in the acrylic piece that attaches to the tube, so the flow slowed down a lot. I just took it off and thought nothing of it. After that the water...
  5. The Keeper

    Petition for Walmart to Stop Selling Fish

    Animal Cruelty: Selling live fish at Walmart. Please sign, It is free to sign this petition! Link:
  6. Pred-Finatic

    Betta.macrostoma (Brunei Beauty/Peacock Mouthbrooder)

    Here are some old pics of my reverse trio (2 males - 1 female) of Betta.macrostoma and their setup. These guys are currently setup in my 46 gallon bowfront. For anyone who's unfamiliar with the wild betta species, these guys are the crown jewel of all bettas. You can find some good info on the...
  7. S

    3.5g drink dispenser tank

    Came with a strainer to guard debri from the spigot. Cut a slit in the back of the lid for the 7.5w heater, 10g whisper air pump with soon to be sponge filter, and the pothos plants. A 2w 24led clip on light 1 sword 1 crypt(i jope they all thrive) 3 ghost shrimp 1 betta 1 horned neirite(once...
  8. Hendre

    My new betta tank ;)

    hey guys. this thread is about me and my soon to get betta fish. This 5gal tank is one we had a few years back but put away after my parents put it away (8 years maybe) and have cleaned and repaired the tank for use i started cycling the media a few days ago with seachem stability using the...
  9. B

    My New 55g long Tropical Community Tank !

    Its been a long time since I have posted anything so just wanted to share my new tropical tank with you guys ADMINS can delete or move the thread its not in the proper category and apologies :-)
  10. A

    Hallo Hallo!

    Hello everyone! I'm a tropical fish/betta keeper for the most part. I enjoy densely planted tanks and long finned fish. I am waiting for permission to get a large tank for some bichir and ropefish! I have a tropical community in a 20gal, a heavily planted 10gal with some shrimp and a marbled...
  11. S

    Black Ghost Knifefish tank mates

    Hello everyone! My wife and I recently upgraded from a 55 gallon to a 150 gallon tank when we realized that our BGK, albeit a baby, would eventually outgrow his tank. He currently has a few other tank mates - 2 clown loaches, a dragon goby, 3 neon tetras, a chinese algae eater and a betta...
  12. N

    new 10 gallon hexagon tank

    Hey guys its been awhile, but i just bought a new 10 gallon that will fit perfectly in my room. So question is how should i stock it? I want to have live plants in the gravel, maybe have moss up one side of the tank. For fish i was thinking of 1 Male betta along with a few ottos, and maybe a few...
  13. F

    Betta question

    So I have this 1.5 or 2 Gallon cube fish tank with a little heater and small tetra whisper filter one that runs off an air pump. And I have 2 feeder guppys and one female Fancy guppy. Tryed to breed the guppys but did not work so well. Any way I saw this betta at Walmart in this little cup and...