1. G

    breeding flowerhorn

    i have a pair of golden boy malua...male is 5 inch plus and female is 4 inch. she is going to lay eggs soon the problem is when i put the male with the female the male will chase the female...but after a while the female will comeback to him. so should i seperate them with a divider until her...
  2. Mandamota

    Parachromis motaguensis Tiger motaguense

    I'm a proud, and nervous, new tiger motaguense cichlid keeper. I have a well bonded breeding pair. Male 11" female 6" Too many questions, so I'm asking for general advice, safety concerns, ant information. Thank you
  3. T

    Breeding amanos?

    Is it as hard as people make it to be? I do know that you need to have saltwater to successfully raise them. Has anyone in this forum done it?
  4. A

    Finally breeding my gold veil angels!

    I thought I'd document my breeding pair of gold veil angelfish! Just recently set up a 33 gallon natural themed tank for them, recorded them today as being their first day in the tank and I will be recording them as events unfold! Minimum amount of videos I hope to post will be once a week. I...
  5. domresvanis

    Kelberi with hole in the head or not?

    Hi everybody.A few months ago i moved to Greece and my new project is to breed Kelberis.The last few years i was breeding Monos and now i will try with Kelberi and i am hoping to breed a few more bass in the future.Problem is that the female is still recovering from a hard time that she had in...
  6. Mark Pogarasteanu

    my first Flowerhorn sexing, pairing and breeding experience

    Hi. I want to share with you a fun flowerhorn story. About 7-8 months ago, I bought what appeared to be a ZZ fader, which turned out to be male, and about a month ago, a ZZ female. male: female: Actually, sexing the male was a bit of a challenge, since when I got him, I was told he was a...
  7. U

    Does anyone breed freshwater barracuda?

    I'm looking to buy 2 near La ? Anyone know any place I can buy them at ? Please help
  8. D

    unknown cichlid

    Hi, I recently purchased 5 fishes from a breeder . he said these are red dragon flower horn babies however, when I checked with other shop owners and enthusiasts, they say it a cross between flowerhorn and an unknown fish. can anybody guess what they are???...they are quite aggressive towards...
  9. jettefrances17

    Bd female mating with 2 different males

    5 minutes after taking the divider out of the tank and less than 12 hours after giving birth.
  10. K

    True Albino Dojos

    I have 3 really nice albino dojos. They are about 4 to 5 inches and super fat. As I am sure many know, true albinos are extremely rare. These are not red-eyed goldens. These are albino wild types. They have the thickness of the wild verity (golden dojos are known for being much skinnier than the...
  11. Tee504la

    fader flowerhorn and red dragon breeding

    they been together for weeks now and after a water change her tube dropped. they breed once before, but she wouldn't let him around the eggs so a very small number hatched. she been a lot friendly this go around so hoping to get a large number fertilized.
  12. Soco

    Convict Cichlids Fighting After Unsuccessful Spawn

    Hey everyone Sorry I am a noob with cichlids and I have a few questions about breeding and such. I have 2 Convict cichlids, in the middle of last week they laid their first batch of eggs and the fry hatched last week thursday but unfortunately something went wrong and the fry lasted for a few...