1. Miks786

    Jaguar cichlid info?

    Hey MFK I recently got 2 big jaguar cichlids and I noticed they are not eating at all... I do have some aggressive eaters in the tank such as snakehead, peacock bass arowana and a RTC Could that be a problem? Or they still getting used to the tank
  2. TitanRedMammon

    Brief Introduction of KRM

    Hi all, It's me again~ Here is a brief video about KRM introduction. Let me know if you need more info~! Enjoy your weekend~
  3. RubyRuby234

    My baby Emerald

    Today marks the day I brought a brand new baby girl home!! She is so precious and wittle! Her name is emerald, and she is an amazing Green Terror. She is already exploring her big, new home. She’s even found a favorite plant already! I cannot wait to see how she grows and what kind of...
  4. RubyRuby234


    This is my sweetheart sapphire!! Who was up until today the smallest and youngest of my baby girls! She was so so sooooo shy for the longest time but recently she’s found her place and has even been seen chasing my other fish around too!!! She is in my opinion a living work of art, and a tribute...
  5. H

    Help Flowerhorn!!!

    My flowerhorn has belly bloat! I need help on what to do to help her!!
  6. RubyRuby234

    Dinner time

    My hungry girls are wanting their pellets with the remaining goldfish they haven’t eaten behind them.. apparently I am running a restaurant where you just order what you want when you want.
  7. RubyRuby234

    Dainty little thing

    INTRODUCING “Starlight”!!! She’s my jack Dempsey and the funniest little thing. Every time I try to clean the tank she swims inside a rock and literally stays in there forever. She has claimed this rock as her little cave and protects it from everyone else. It’s so bad that to get her out of the...
  8. RubyRuby234

    Small in size... MASSIVE in attitude

    It is my pleasure to introduce you to the queen diva of my tank... the little 4 1/2” firemouth who picks on EVERYONE including my two 7” Oscars. She was my first cichlid I ever had, and I guess because she was alone for a little while she believes she’s a goddess and everyone should obey her...
  9. Oz fish guy

    Tank busters

    So my 11 maybe 12" parachromis manganese smashed my decorative ship into pieces! He got stuck in it and with a mighty kick he went straight threw it. So im pretty pissed that ship wasnt cheap. Ive seen and hear him move around large river rocks in the tank its pretty impressive.. so im just...
  10. O


    I don't want to sell my flowerhorn I just wanna know what type of flowerhorn he is and how much he worth need help he's about 5 inches and he's growing a kok
  11. T

    Possible Hole in the Head Disease?

    I recently noticed a lesion on my Salvini Cichlids head. At first I thought it was just an injury from fighting but after a little research, I'm worried it may be the beginning of Hole in the Head (HITH). The fish still readily takes food and is behaving normally. The damage seemed to show up...
  12. adamjavaguy

    Please id cichild

    Help to id this cichild. Cought at central java indonesia in small stream deep in the forest. Theres a lot of them I think they have breed here.
  13. L

    Help with Cichlid Types

    Hey everybody, I'm sure all Cichlid owners have the odd fish they wish they knew the type of! Please post good pictures of known and unknown Cichlid breeds and let's see if we can all help each other out!
  14. Adictd2Fsh

    Kirin parrot and kilin parrot??

    I posted this in the parrot flowerhorn cichlid section and got no response maybe that's the wrong spot to post. "Does anyone know the difference between a Kirin parrot and a killin parrot or is there any difference?"
  15. IFLAquatics

    Dovii thread

    Okay guys so I have two Dovii, the female (I think) is super chill (for a wolf) and won't defend herself against my male. She just hides behind the filter the whole day. So I moved her into the community fight ring. Which would be the overstocked 75 full of a-holes and monsters. Well she's doing...
  16. J

    Need help, with my fish and tanks

    I don't know what's wrong. My flowerhorn is 4" and right know he is in the hospital tank. Because for some reason every time he is in the 55 gallon he starts acting weird. He starts being scared, hitting himself, sitting at the bottom of the tank. I have test the water and everything is okay...
  17. H

    How many angelfish should I get for them to not be agressive with each other

    Just set up a 40 gallon and looking to get some angel fish in the mix. Currently have emperor tetras, red phantom tetras, black phantom tetras, cardinals tetras, platies, guppies, kuhli loaches, amano shrimp and an angelicus plec. Compatibility wise, would an angel fit in with these other fish...
  18. Jacob._.merc

    What is this fish?

    Hey guys I just bought what I think is a Malawi eye biter. It was sold under dimidiochromis compressiceps but it looks nothing like how I've seen them or kept them. Could this be a different species or am I mistaken? He is also missing an eye. Kinda ironic haha.
  19. Jacob._.merc

    blood parrot with puffed gills

    Hey guys so ive had my blood parrot for about 3 months now and he is about 3 inches. He has had the black stuff come up on him a lot but i know how to treat him for that. My main concern is his gills. They are super puffed up and there is like a really thin whit layer at the end of the gills...
  20. Jacob._.merc

    Dragon goby with senegal bichir or africans

    I am looking to get a dragon goby for a 40 gallon tank. The tank already contains two peacocks and 2 mbunas a blood parrot and a callychthys cat. I also have a Senegal bichir, about 6 inches in a 20 gallon. Which would it be better with?