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    Compatibility questions + please help identify + Bala Shark in 70Gal?

    Hello, I have an ***h0le blue texas (25cm) and a common pleco(30cm) in a 45gal (obviously a nano tank for this fish, I know, please don't trow rocks at me, I water change religiously) with a bunch of snaks (guppies). I'm buying a 70 galon this weekend as an upgrade. The problem is , there...
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    Adding smaller pbass with bigger ones question

    I'm currently growing out 2 baby pbass (3.5 inch and a 4 incher ocell/mono farmies) with 3 similar sized tinfoils in a 40 gal. My local lfs just brought in some baby orinocos which i've been looking for for some time. The problem now is that the baby orinocos are quite small, about 2-2.5 inch...
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    Delhezi size compatibility question

    I'm going to be moving some fish to their semi-permanent home soon(it's a massive 300 gallon tote, huge score at $200, while I save up for an actual tank which is why it's semi) and want to have all intended inhabitants quarantined and good to go so I can add them all at once and not have to...
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    Bichir compatibility

    Any thoughts on keeping more than one Bichir in the same tank? I'm planning a 240g (96x24x25") and was hoping to keep an Ornate and Delhezi together. Is it possible? Any tips for long term success or should I avoid mixing and just get one? Also, could they live long term with a black ghost...
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    The dreaded RTC

    So this is a far off plan, 2-3 years, and I’m not buying anything until it’s all set up and ready (no buying a big fish with the “ill totally get a bigger tank one day”). I’m planning a build for a pond in my back yard, not positive on exact dimensions, but it will be at least 3,500 gallons...
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    Channa andrao and ctenopoma?

    Hi guys. I want to ask can this two work out together since they both reach similar size? I know the water requirement are kinda different especially talking about temp. But can they workout ? Thanks
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    Friend need help

    Hi. I want to ask you guys for an advice. I have a friend who just bought an arapaima. It is still 10 cm long. BUT. The tank he is going to put the paima is a 70 cm x 40 x 40 or so. I think it is enough at first BUT it already have some denizen in it. Here are the fish that inside: Giant...
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    Can a Redtail shark eat this?

    Hi. Can i ask you guys for advice? I want to keep a red fin shark in a 65x40x40 cm tank with a senegal bichir? Can i give the shark hikari carnivore sinking pellet with a frozen shrimp and blood worm sometimes? Does this fish can work out together ? Thanks