1. GTkeeper

    Not a MONSTER, but here's my Convict

    Hey all, I thought I would share this with you. I've got my new (4 month old) 75g set up and it's running great! Here's my male convict, from...PETCO looking beautiful. I rarely purchase any live-stock from them, but was in getting some filter stuff and he was looking so healthy I had to pick...
  2. L

    American cichlid tank with a peacock eel?

    Wondering if my idea would work. I have a 95 gallon tank but it has a looot of decor so practically a 90 with an 8inch Red Devil, 3inch and 1nch firemouths, and 4.5 inch convicts and wanted to add a Peacock eel. Fish get along great together, I’ve had the tank for a year. Thoughts?
  3. 504 Fish Keeper

    75 gallon jack Dempsey

    JD, Salvini & convict in a 75 what kind of schooling / Dither fish can I put in with them? I was thinking tiger barbs, silver dollars or Buenos Aires Tetras.
  4. AlexCR

    New borns Convicts Cichilds

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to show you my newborns. On April 27th I found a lot of eggs in one stone and my couple of convicts bravery taking care of them. So I move them to a breed aquarium with a little hope of getting results since is their first time and they are less than 2 inches long. But...
  5. Jacob6556

    Will this tank setup work? Opinions needed!!

    So this is a follow up from my last post for a great stocking idea for my new 60 gallon tank! My tank has two rock caves, a pot, and two pieces of drift wood. I also have a large filter under the tank and a power head to provide a good current in the water. So my stocking idea I got from my last...
  6. E

    For Sale  3.5” Convict x Honduran Red Point Hybrid For Sale

    I’ve got a 3-3.5” Convict x Honduran Red Point Hybrid for sale. I’m located in Baltimore, Maryland. Perfectly healthy fish no issues at all my reason for selling is due to him bullying a JD of mine who’s become very stressed because of it. Here is a photo of him, even this photo does not do...
  7. Audaxcity

    Is my convict a hybrid?

    It's been a while since I was last active here. This is my female convict that I've been keeping for the last few weeks now. She was getting beat up at the LFS by a much larger Red Devil so I took pity on her. She's coloured up significantly since. The odd thing is that she looks almost too...
  8. W

    Dovii Hybridization

    Here is a hypothetical: Dovii x Convict Cichlid hybrid. I know, I know, these are very different fish that will never get along. Again, this is just hypothetical. I just read a thread on cichlid crossbreeding, and it sounds like almost all Central American cichlids are genetically similar...
  9. Toiletcar

    Convict and neet tank

    Sounds like a disaster of crazy aggression, but curious if anyone has ever tried it. Not going to try it myself.
  10. slava2929

    3.5 inch female cichlid tankmates

    I have a semi planted 40 breeder with lots of caves and ONE, 1 year old female convict which I love. Only problem is I'd like to have more cichlids but not a male convict because I dont want eggs, fry, etc. I had her in there with a male Jewel, until it grew too big and started pushing her...
  11. baxtor_lex

    New Male for the Marbled Convict, possible breeding project.

    Hey guys! So some of you may have seen my last thread. Well the Marbled Convict turned out to be female, abit bummed. But went out and found what i think is a fantastic male for her. My intention will be to breed them, and then breed one of the babies back to her in the hopes of getting some...
  12. baxtor_lex

    Sexing of Marbled Convict

    I have hunted for a marbled for a long time, and hoping it’s male. But I have a feeling it’s female It would NOT stay still, so really struggled to get a half decent photo
  13. Mark Pogarasteanu

    breidohri x convict cross

    Hello, I have some breidohri x convict hybrids growing up. They are all stripey now (about 6 to 8 weeks old). Any idea what they might end up looking like? Can't find anything on the internet...
  14. N

    How to self breed Convict Cichlid eggs?

    My Convict pair ate both batch of their eggs laid. And they are just matured and new parents. Now male chases female and female is seriously injured. So I had to move the female to another tank and introduce a new female for the male so that they breed again! Now the new couple is showing...
  15. N

    My Convict Cichlid frys get disapperared before free swimming (wigglers stage).. please help

    My Convict cichlid had their first batch of frys and they are disappeared in wiggler stage.. and it’s been one month they didn't lay second batch off egg.. what could be the reason. (Its a 20 gallon tank with two pairs of convicts and both layed eggs at same time and same result for both the...
  16. S

    Black convict/ possibly hybrid identification?

    Hey guys, i ordered a few black convicts from liveaquaria a while back, as they matured both developed orange on the sides so I assumed they were female, well one day I noticed one of them was starting to pick up some odd coloration I've never had on a convict, especially not a female. Well now...
  17. Lukashill

    My 125 gallon American cichlid set up

    Tank has been running for 4 months with all of these guys in there. 1 oscar 3 female convicts 1 jd (in on of the pictures you can catch him peeping spying on me) 1 male firemouth 1 (I believe male) green terror 1 turquoise severum I try to give many good sized caves. I do have a 75 gallon...
  18. Hybridfish7

    Anyone here ever cross convicts and texas? even red texas?

    If anyone's seen my other thread I talked about crossing two completely different species of cichlids... I was wondering how a convict x texas would work. Main difference here is one is nearly twice the size of the other. I was wondering how the personality would turn out, what the size of the...
  19. RubyRuby234

    Dinner time

    My hungry girls are wanting their pellets with the remaining goldfish they haven’t eaten behind them.. apparently I am running a restaurant where you just order what you want when you want.
  20. Hybridfish7

    can mollies be used as dithers for cichlids in the convict complex?

    If you know me, you know I get a lot of fish tank ideas. 1. bamboo forest tank with panda butterfly goldfish, budget at $400 so not anytime soon for me 2. discus tank (I'm gonna wait till my BP passes and 'frees up the space' for that in my 55. I can't house him with anything other than the plec...