1. C

    And I thought Dovii and Flowerhorns were unstoppable!?!

    Sad videos, but really shows what can happen if a Piranha and cichlid ever fought for territories! Frightening, I worry the Flowerhorn is blind, did it's eye get bit?? Poor dovii too. How often do you think this happens in the wild? I always thought dovii's and Amphilophus are top dogs of the...
  2. M

    Need Dovii help!!!

    I'm getting concerned about my Dovii & really need some experienced advice here. Sorry for the long post but I want to give as much detail as possible to give a clear 'bigger' picture of the situation & hopefully get back some detailed suggestions or answers. I've had him for a few weeks now...
  3. m_sol

    Was I given a Dovii or a nandopsis grammodes?

    I can not tell if its a gramm or Dovii Dovii! haha thanks in advance!
  4. Cichlids keeper

    Guapote Mel Dovii type?

    Does anyone know what kind of Dovii Guapote Mel had. Specifically I am talking about this one.

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  6. Cichlids keeper

    Red devil Dovii hybrid?

    Is a Red Devil Dovii hybrid possible and if so does anyone have any pictures?
  7. I

    Help sexing dovii cichlid

    Venting pics are included

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  9. J

    Dovii Sex/general questions

    I just bought this fish and setup. The person I bought it from had this big fish in a 60 gallon tank. I’m buying a 180 gallon setup tomorrow. I’ve had a female Dovii before when I lived on the east coast, but I don’t know for sure what the sex is of this one. I assumed male but I wanted any...
  10. B

    Dovii or something else?

    Hi everyone, I just became a member of MFK and I’m loving it. Been in the hobby for about 6 months and decided to go down the wormhole of predator tanks. I decided I really wanted a Dovii so I ordered one from my LFS. However, I’m a little skeptical as to whether or not they sent me a Dovii or...
  11. S

    Want to Buy  Wanted: Large Male Dovii

    Starting the hunt for a large male dovii, at least 10+ inches, would prefer 15+ or so. Located in Fort Worth, Texas. Just putting the word out and seeing whats around my area and price, willing to drive and meet within reasonable distances. Thanks!
  12. S

    Central and south mericn fish in Canada

    Does anyone know where to order or any good fish stores that sell central/american cichlids?. Looking to get back in the game and get a pair of dovii or umbee or festae pair. Was going to travel to toronto to see if they had anything but I thought I'd ask the forum first.
  13. W

    Dovii Hybridization

    Here is a hypothetical: Dovii x Convict Cichlid hybrid. I know, I know, these are very different fish that will never get along. Again, this is just hypothetical. I just read a thread on cichlid crossbreeding, and it sounds like almost all Central American cichlids are genetically similar...
  14. Kingrancher2011

    WTB Dovii cichlids

    Looking for a breeding pair of Dovii Cichlids or some grow outs located in Central OH.
  15. Adrianrios1085

    13in male dovii

    I’m selling my 13in male Costa Rican dovii 120$ text me 6262033120 located in riverside ca
  16. C

    Juvenile Dovii question

    I have a 2-3” Dovii currently in quarantine. I just got him a week or so ago. He’s in there with a 2-3” Convict that I’m treating as well. The convict chases him around from time to time. He also chases the convict from time to time. My question is...he’s seems a little shy. Can I put him in my...
  17. Ritz.edm

    My Monster Fish Collection :

    24 Inch Silver Arowana : 6 Years old 18 inch HB Asian Arowana : Hornet cichlid (tilapia buttikoferi) Dovii Breeding Pair : Male is Wild Cought (10 months old ) & female is F1 Kamfa Flowerhorn :
  18. C

    Dovii Sexing

    i just bought three doviis and was wondering if any of y’all can tell what sex they are. The first one is the first dovii, the second and fourth pic is the second dovii, and the third and fifth pics are the last dovii.
  19. C

    How to get rid of ich

    how can I get rid of ich. My dovii has it.