green terror

  1. BGKAuatics

    Green Terror face bitten by catfish

    Hey I’m new to monster fish keepers as a member and I’m wondering what to do about my green terror. I only had him a few days and I bought him and my walking catfish the same day and put them in a 75 gallon holding tank for now and within 48 hours the catfish who is 4.5 inches bit the face of my...
  2. RubyRuby234

    Picture Perfect

    The title says it all.. Here’s a link to a little video of my tank I just posted today, so it includes my newest addition!!! Check it out! Thank you to everyone who likes and comments on my posts here. I appreciate all the feedback and advice, I don’t have any friends or anything in the hobby...
  3. RubyRuby234

    My baby Emerald

    Today marks the day I brought a brand new baby girl home!! She is so precious and wittle! Her name is emerald, and she is an amazing Green Terror. She is already exploring her big, new home. She’s even found a favorite plant already! I cannot wait to see how she grows and what kind of...
  4. scooter

    Cichlid Turtle Combo Tank

    What do you guys think about a Cichlid Turtle Combo Tank ? I found a yellow ear slider about a year ago getting blown across the street by the wind , picked the little guy up and threw him in my 55 by himself until January when I came across the first Red Texas id been looking for like 6 years...
  5. R

    Green Terror + Synodontis?

    Hey guys, so I really want to get a juvenile GT to throw in my 60. If I put him in with some synodontis cats would he be okay with him? What other tank mates are good with a GT, since I am pretty much set on getting one. If I decide not to get the terror I was also considering getting a...
  6. GoldFinger

    Help sexing green terror & Jewel Cichlids

    Despite reading countless threads I would appreciate someone’s expertise! I also posted a thread in the breeding section for those who have experience with Blue Texas & Jack Dempsey hybrids. Please see pictures Cheers!
  7. B

    Green terror sexing

    Hey y'all been a while since I've posted any thing.. I've recently acquired a green terror and am unsure if it's a male or female so I was hoping Y'all could help me out.
  8. Jexnell

    My Cichlids

    Here are some vids of my current cichlids. Sorry not the best, working with what I got to film them anyways here ya go
  9. M

    Help with green terror male or female??

    Hi I just wondered if any one could help with whether my green terror is male or female. It’s 6-7 inches i believe it to be male but the breeding tube seems very large. Any help appreciated
  10. M

    Help with green terror male or female??

    Hi this is my first post so sorry if it’s in the wrong place. I just wondered if any one could help with whether my green terror is male or female. It’s 6-7 inches, iv had it since 2 inches, i believe it to be male but the breeding tube seems very large. Any help appreciated
  11. V

    Can i safely keep am ebjd, g terror, r terror, flowerhorn and jag in the same tank?

    Hi, i was thinking of doing a large cichlid aquarium but i have some concerns about aggression in the tank. The fishes i had in mind were 1 green terror 1 red terror 1 electric blue jack dempsey...
  12. B

    Cichlid Compatibility in 120G (JackD, GT/RT, Geo, Pictus, Bichir)

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to make an upgrade to approx 120G tank (48x30x24) I was hoping if I could get an idea of the type of cichlids I could keep in this setup. Iv got a few in mind which I am fond of, but am not sure if its worth risking if they will kill each other. Of course I...
  13. Joe2433

    My Green Terror

    Green terror
  14. TheMoneyTank(TMT)


    So today I went fish shopping and whilst looking round at the oddballs they had (8inch gulper catfish £99.00) I was drawn to the cichlid section where I saw my dream fish I have been after for 6 years (hard to find in my area of the UK) A 4inch male dovii, I have been after a dovii for years and...
  15. Cichlids621

    Festae Green terror Lip locking

    I recently added my Green terror and female festae to their new 5x20x24 aquarium and I have plenty of cover and hiding spots. They are both the same size and have been divided for a while but now that they are together they have been constantly lip locking. The problem is they are so evenly...
  16. Aqua Nut

    SOLUTION to Fish ATTACKING the Glass from reflection

    Today we look at a solution to stop fish from attacking the aquarium glass due to the reflection itself or nearby neighboring tanks. It also works great for aesthetic reasons, which is the main reason we will be using this option. Often times large aggressive aquarium fish can become stressed...
  17. J

    Green Terror Pair

    Just showing a quick video of my Green Terror Pair for a sex confirmation. 'Male' (on the left) is about 4in. 'Female' (on the right) is about 3in. They eat Cichlid Gold and Bloodworm. Here they are interacting through a divider. It isn't really shown here but he is really aggressive towards...
  18. E


    He has been losing pieces of his tail/fins everyday I thought he was being bullied so I separated him but he keeps losing more chunks of his tail. PLEASE HELP.
  19. Z

    Texas Cichlid Tankmates in 150 gallon

    Just finished cycling my 150 gallon, added a 5" Texas and a 4" Paratilapia Polleni. The Texas immediately started beating up the Polleni, so I returned it to my LFS. The Texas now has the whole tank to himself, and I'm wondering what other cichlids would work with it. Could I try a Jack Dempsey...
  20. S

    New 300g CA (mostly) tank stocking suggestions

    So after about 8 years away from keeping an aquarium (I kept a 90 gallon aquarium with my father until I graduated high school), I have finally decided to get back into the hobby. I recently acquired a 300 gallon aquarium (dimensions - 96"L, 30"W, 24"H) at a garage sale for a steal and am eager...