growth rate

  1. mattybecks

    Geophagus Tapajos & Tinfoil Barb community aquaurium

    Just an update on my 180gal community tank. Had the tinfoils for a month now. As you would expect have shown remarkable growth.
  2. mattybecks

    Another Pacu growth rate question

    Hello guys, I have just managed to rehome my pair of Buttikoferi, and so are just left with my 7 x geos Tapajos in my 180cm x 60cm x 60cm. I belong to a couple of fish groups here, and long story short, I have landed up rescuing and temporarily housing two red belly pacu from some pretty...
  3. KelberiFishLover19

    Peacock Bass 5 month growth

    Pictures of my peacock bass growth over 5 months. Tell me what you think!
  4. L

    Semiprochilodus Taenirus Growth Rate

    To those who've had Taenirus, what kind of growth rates did you guys experience?
  5. GiantFishKeeper101

    Marble Growth Rate?

    Thinking of getting one, love the patterns. Never saw any that smaller than 15" in lfs. What's growth rate on these fish? How well they do with other tank mates?
  6. A

    Exodon growth rate?

    Hello all! After a few hours of searching, I haven't been able to find any information on the actual rate at which the bucktooth tetra grows. Does anyone have any insight? I could use some of that MFK knowledge. Thanks in advance! :)
  7. Miks786

    Lima Shovelnose growth rate??

    Hey guys I recently got a Lima Shovelnose catfish...What’s the growth rate on these guys? As fast as a tsn or not? He doesn’t like shrimp...But loves these sinking Hikari pellets He about 3”
  8. kiwifisho

    Clown knife growth rate?

    Hi all, new to forum. Picking up a baby clown knife soon, bout 10cm. Plan is to feed him Hikari sinking carnivore pellets and occasional worms etc. His grow out tank is a 110L/30g which will be heavily planted, then a 250L/50g, and a 330L/90g. Plan is to build a 3600L/1000g plywood tank but if...
  9. RubyRuby234

    Channel catfish

    does anyone know the size relationship between the number of inches wide a channel cats mouth is and it’s overall length? A rough estimate is fine; I’m just trying to monitor my local ponds catfish population. Thank you
  10. BichirChick

    My bichirs are growing really slow

    I have had a Senegal and a “gold dust” bichir for about a year now and they are still pretty small. The Senegal has grown from a little baby to about 5” or so, and he out grown the gold dust in circumference and length even though the gold one was bigger originally when I got him. The gold one...
  11. GiantFishKeeper101

    Barramundi growth rate?

    Last two week, I've purchased two 3.5" barramundi from my lfs. One of them have an explosive growth. It grow astonishingly 1" a week. Currently 6" while the other one have slower growth rate, currently 4". Is it normal for them have this kind of growth? What's their growth rate?
  12. Miks786

    Channa Micropelets Growth on pellets?

    Hey guys so i have had a channa miropelets for some time now but he hasnt grown much at all and i have read up that they are normally fast growers.. He was stubborn and only ate beef cubes(Which previous owner fed him) Now i have gotten him too eat Hikari Carnisticks and shrimp (After weeks of...
  13. GiantFishKeeper101

    Brachyplatystoma Rousseauxii Growth?

    Going to get me a dourada cat. Love the color and all. What's their growth rate and in a year, how big can it grow? I know these cat can be quite skittish but my tank have plenty of driftwood so, there's place for it to hide. And does it true that when it grows older, the silver sheen gone? Or...
  14. F

    Flower horns growth! In 2.5 weeks!

    My flowerhorn! I got him on August 14! And he has grown so much!! How does he look? Growing so fast :) the one with the green plants is August 14 the ones with no plants are today! September 2
  15. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    Synodontis angelicus growth??

    Brought a 2 inch angelicus for. £24.95 looks legit wondering what growth I can expect
  16. T

    How long does it take for GATF to reach adult size

    Hi everyone. I've had my GATF for approximately 2.5 years and he's about 17 inches long. I'm just curious if he has peaked and is close to what his mature size will be or if he will grow a whole lot more. I know fish have indeterminate growth and expect that he will grow by small amounts...
  17. R

    How long before Giant Gourami outgrows 150 gallon?

    Hello, I plan on purchasing a Giant Gourami in the future. As of now I could keep him in a 150 gallon. In a couple years I would be able to provide a much bigger tank (300g+). The problem is I can't find any reliable information on how long it takes them to reach adult size. I.e outgrow the...
  18. Ed204

    Gold Severum Growth Rate

    Hi there! I'm new to the site and heard that this was the place to go. Anyway, I have recently acquired a baby gold Severum which is currently 3 inches. I know that tank size matters when it comes to a fishes growth and that's why I have him in my 120 gallon with 3 BP's and a Fire Mouth. How...
  19. ShanerBock888

    Does Active Juvenile Polypterus = Active Adult??

    In the next couple months I plan on getting my first Poly and obviously would like it to be active. From what I've read, Senegal has the reputation as the most active of the Bichirs, but it really comes down to the individual. I've seen people say that they had a lot of variation in individual...
  20. viper0397

    Potamotrygon Reticulata

    Just curious as to who has seen the largest retic and how large was it. My biggest girl right now is almost 12" in diameter. She is almost 4 years old, and still has occasional growth spurts.