1. C

    Help?! Large Flesh Color Growth/ Tumor on Sharks Face

    I just got my first tank almost a year ago. It's 35 gallon fresh water with about 20 some fish of and maybe 10 different species that are all doing extremely well and seem to be quite healthy. I learned my lesson the hard way when I added fish too quick and got ich. I treated it and...
  2. S

    Will my Kamfa Flowerhorn grow a 'kok'?

    Do you think my kamfa flowerhorn will grow a kok? Also, do you think my flowerhorn is a male or female? I got him/her 5 days ago and it's my first time having a flowerhorn. I need a little help please. The last photo are of parents. Thank you monsterfishkeepers :)
  3. N

    Odd growth on driftwood

    I set up the tank about a month ago but haven't added any fish yet. I've owned the wood for years and used it in other tanks but I've never seen anything like this. Can someone ID what's on the wood and if is harmful to fish? I'm ready to get it stocked. Only water treatment I've done is...
  4. Longfindragon

    Baby rtc feeding?

    I have a baby rtc (about 3inch) and I was wondering what's the safest way to minimize the growth rate without compromising health. I have him in a 65g now and have been feeding him blood worms and cut up raw frozen prawns. Is it safe to feed him every second day or 2 days on 1 off? I know his...
  5. S

    Senegal Bichir Slow Growth?

    I've had my senegal bichir for ten months now. He was only in the LFS for a few days before I purchased him at about 2-2.5 in long, now he is only about 4.5 inches long, that's about a quarter inch a month. I researched growth rate, and almost everybody said it should be more like 1 inch per...