jack dempsey

  1. A

    RTM Cichlid with poly. Delhezi and JD

    I currently have one delhezi and JD in a 55. Both are juvies and my fish store just got some RTMs in. Would it be worth a shot to try ONE juvie RTM??
  2. W

    Female jack dempsey hybrid

    Possible JD hybrid but I have no idea what she could be mixed with
  3. Benthebassmaster

    Electric blue jack dempsey

    Would you suggest for me to get a electric blue Jack Dempsey. I hear they die a lot. Is this true
  4. Benthebassmaster

    How much fish In a 125 gallon tank

    Can a gt, jd, Oscar and a Bichir be in a 125 gallon tank. Also if their is anymore fish to keep with it what would it be
  5. 504 Fish Keeper

    75 gallon jack Dempsey

    JD, Salvini & convict in a 75 what kind of schooling / Dither fish can I put in with them? I was thinking tiger barbs, silver dollars or Buenos Aires Tetras.
  6. R

    Shy cichlids not coming out! Ideas to solve this?

    Hey, I have a bit of a problem in my 60 gallon cichlid tank, in this tank I keep a jack dempsey, a red Texas(it’s basically a hybrid between a parrot and a green Texas) and just for the fun of it I keep a rainbow shark as well. My problem is that all these fish seem to be pretty scared of me...
  7. Y

    Jack Dempsey - Lip Injuries

    I have a pair of Jack dempsey's, first time parents and my first time breeding them, they laid eggs about 3 weeks ago. There are about 10-20 babies still alive and the mother is protective of them but the male is lip locking with her and they both have some bad mouth injuries. I put in a...
  8. R

    HELP!! sexing my JDs

    I believe this guy to be just that a male electric blue gene maybe?
  9. A

    Can anyone help with the sex of my Jack Dempseys??

    could anyone help with the sex of these two?? They are inseparable and look a lot different from each other yet also look a lot alike. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Jacob6556

    Red Texas and Jack Dempsey tank part 1

    So I’m not really sure how long this will last but I’m gonna try something new. I’m going to start a series following the progress on my 60 gallon jack Dempsey and red Texas tank. I’m not to sure how often I’m going to post but I plan on trying to post at least once a week. In these post I plan...
  11. W

    Appropriate size before adding growouts

    Currently I have a full grown Jack Dempsey that I would like to keep with other fish. Most pet stores near me don’t sell adult cichlids so I will have to grow one out. I would like to know at what size do I need to grow the other fish out to live with him? The tank has a large cave structure in...
  12. W

    Help sexing Jack Dempsey

    Hi this is my Jack Dempsey who is about 2 years old and somewhere between 8-10 inches could someone help me determine if it is a male or female? thanks!
  13. Jacob6556

    Will this tank setup work? Opinions needed!!

    So this is a follow up from my last post for a great stocking idea for my new 60 gallon tank! My tank has two rock caves, a pot, and two pieces of drift wood. I also have a large filter under the tank and a power head to provide a good current in the water. So my stocking idea I got from my last...
  14. Jacob6556

    Will this 60 gallon setup work? Please help!!

    So I got a empty 60 gallon tank, it’s a little over 4 feet long and yes I cycled it threw and put a few small fish in it for the time being. So my idea was to buy a Jack Dempsey, a green terror, a convict, and then two African cichlids! This would be a dream setup as I been looking into moving...
  15. Jacob6556

    Jack Dempsey tank idea! Does this work??

    So I now have a 60 gallon tank, and ofcourse like all new tanks it’s empty. I was just wondering about what fish I should get. First I was think about just an Oscar but then I realized that one would just be to big and to much water cleaning required as the have a huge bioload. So I had an idea...
  16. Rishab

    Frontosa and EBJD tank open top or closed lid

    Hi all I was wondering if I can continue to keep an open tank top with a hang on filter for my five frontosa juveniles and electric blue Jack Dempseys
  17. D

    Overstocked 55 Gal ~ Ca/Sa Mix

    I'm looking for some advice on my first Cichlid Tank. I've currently got a standard 55 gal aquarium 4ft x 1ft x 1.5ft (H). Its a planted tank, currently housing 6 Congo tetras and will need to house a 5-6 inch Rainbow Shark. The shark is pretty quick and aggressive so it should fit in with...
  18. YankeeJack

    Want to Buy  Female Jack Dempsey 3-5 inches in size

    Hello Forum, I'm looking for a female Jack Dempsey, 3-5 inches in size. Might you have a regular or gold (leucistic) female for sale and have experience shipping larger fish? Thank you! YJ p.s. ignore the price, I had to put in something there.
  19. E

    Male or female jack Dempsey’s?

    Thanks in advance. I have 2 jack Dempsey’s and from why I have read tail fins look like females, but fin markings look like male.
  20. R

    For Sale  African Cichlids, Clown Loaches, Jack Dempsey, Pleco

    Hey guys. Looking to unload some fish. Willing to deliver in the NYC area. Please see below. I'll text or email some pictures if interested. ~ 35-40 African Cichlids all ranging from 3-7inches. Includes huge 7 inch male Frontosa. Mainly Mbuna, however there's a nice mix. Take the lot of...