jack dempsey

  1. huntery18

    Breeding jack dempseys

    hey guess so i have 4 jack dempseys in my tank, i got these fish from a dealer close to me and im not sure on there age, hiow long do you think til they will pair up? im not sure the sex of three. one i can tell is a female the others i think are to young to tell, these pictures kinda suck so...
  2. S

    EBJD growth and true max size

    I see dozens of posts about EBJD, but it seems quite hard to find any full grown adults. In fact I find it near impossible to find pictures of any much bigger than 4”. This is mine, a little over 5”, around 14 months old. If anyone has any pictures of bigger ones, or can give a good idea of...
  3. cichlidfan77

    late night pic

  4. cichlidfan77

    south america cichlid tank

    I thank thats every one . Can you find the green severum? new firemouth and Golden mojarra
  5. Lukashill

    My 125 gallon American cichlid set up

    Tank has been running for 4 months with all of these guys in there. 1 oscar 3 female convicts 1 jd (in on of the pictures you can catch him peeping spying on me) 1 male firemouth 1 (I believe male) green terror 1 turquoise severum I try to give many good sized caves. I do have a 75 gallon...
  6. OscarDaddy69

    Switch to Sand bottom with Oscar

    I am thinking of changing my current setup to a sand bottom. Ive attached a photo of my current setup. I have a 75 Gallon with a lutino oscar, Jack Dempsey and a pleco. what are some suggestions and advice with sand bottoms with oscars. Will the sand mess up my filter, im running an eheim...
  7. C

    Can a Salvini and Jack Dempsey produce a hybrid together?

    My salvini just layed her eggs with a jack Dempsey and I was wondering if it’s possible for the jack to fertilize the eggs.
  8. Serpentine

    Female Red Terror + Male Jack Dempsey?

    I am growing out a group of wild true M. festae babies and wondered if it was at all possible to later put one female in a 90 gallon tank with one male Jack Dempsey (garden variety JD, not EBJD). I picked this guy up as a rescue and thought perhaps he might be able to survive in a setup with...
  9. B

    Need help with my Oscar

    I currently moved my peacocks out of my 125 and into the 75. I had an empty 125 and decided to go look for an albino Oscar. I bought about a 6 in or bigger albino o, and a about 4 inch jack Dempsey. My O who is extremely larger than the jd seemed to be getting bullied by the jd. my buddy is...
  10. T

    new filtration

    I have a 200g tank in the way and still haven't decided on filtration. I have never had a tank this big and am not sure where to go. I am thinking about doing two canisters, but I have no clue about sumps. anyone wanna weigh in and shed some light and drop some tips??? Currently there will be...
  11. Nilsafeller

    Sexing jack dempsey

    Haveing a hsrd time sexing my jd... pointed fins like a male... about 8 inches length at 10 months of age but full gill plate of colour and more torpedo shapr like female... also my texas female flirts with the jack like crazy and turns black like she bout to lay eggs
  12. RubyRuby234

    Picture Perfect

    The title says it all.. Here’s a link to a little video of my tank I just posted today, so it includes my newest addition!!! Check it out! Thank you to everyone who likes and comments on my posts here. I appreciate all the feedback and advice, I don’t have any friends or anything in the hobby...
  13. RubyRuby234

    Dinner time

    My hungry girls are wanting their pellets with the remaining goldfish they haven’t eaten behind them.. apparently I am running a restaurant where you just order what you want when you want.
  14. RubyRuby234

    Dainty little thing

    INTRODUCING “Starlight”!!! She’s my jack Dempsey and the funniest little thing. Every time I try to clean the tank she swims inside a rock and literally stays in there forever. She has claimed this rock as her little cave and protects it from everyone else. It’s so bad that to get her out of the...
  15. RocketGarStar

    75 Gallon Oddball Tank

    I've had my 75 G forever, but I've been thinking about redoing it, as far as fish species go. Right no, I have: 1 6.5 inch Hujeta/Rocket Gar 1 4 inch Payara (growin him out) 1 6.5 inch African Featherfin Cat 1 4 inch Jack Depsey 1 5 inch Gourami (Not a Giant, but I don't know what it is yet)...
  16. fishblahblah

    Boy or Girl: Jack Dempsey

    picked up this fish a few days ago thinking it was a female but now I’m not so sure. It’s a little washed out but these are the pics I was able to get. Male or female?
  17. YankeeJack

    EBJD x Platinum Jack Dempsey Attempt

    I'm going to see if I can pair an EBJD with a Platinum. My Platinum JDs are large enough that they could start to breed, so I took Jexnell's EBJD and put it in the tank with my Platinums. Crossing fingers, b/c the platinums are quite a bit smaller than the male EBJD. He's chasing them all...
  18. M

    Jack dempsey sex? Male or female?

    Hi everyone, I really need some help with this one, I need to see if anyone can identify the sex of this jack dempsey that I am planning to purchase on Friday. I am thinking it is a male as it hasn't got a blue beard ect.. but what do you guys think any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Adictd2Fsh

    Will My Arowana Eat Pellets?

    I Just bought a new Silver Arowana about 6", its with a beautiful little Red Spotted Severum about 3" and an Electric Blue Jack Dempsey about 3". The severum and jack are eating hikari gold baby pellets (floating) and hikari gold mini wafers. The arrow don't want anything top do with them, he...
  20. GoldFinger

    Are my cichlids seriously breeding?

    Hey Guys/Gals, I recently added a male 9” Blue Texas Cichlid to my 305 gallon community tank. Immediately he started chasing everyone and then focused the next few days just on my female 5” Jack Dempsey. I have never seen her with such dark brilliant colour and she seems more at ease with him...