jack dempsey

  1. GoldFinger

    Are my cichlids seriously breeding?

    Hey Guys/Gals, I recently added a male 9” Blue Texas Cichlid to my 305 gallon community tank. Immediately he started chasing everyone and then focused the next few days just on my female 5” Jack Dempsey. I have never seen her with such dark brilliant colour and she seems more at ease with him...
  2. B

    tank mate

    Im about to buy a 100 gallon tank 5ft long about 2ft tall and about 2ft front to back. My plan for the tank is a cichlid tank not african. I was planing to put a jaguar in it with maybe 2 convict cichlids or maybe a madagascar cichlid what type of cichlid would be best with a jaguar cichlid. I...
  3. B

    Cichlid Compatibility in 120G (JackD, GT/RT, Geo, Pictus, Bichir)

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to make an upgrade to approx 120G tank (48x30x24) I was hoping if I could get an idea of the type of cichlids I could keep in this setup. Iv got a few in mind which I am fond of, but am not sure if its worth risking if they will kill each other. Of course I...
  4. B

    Oscar, Jd, help!

    I have a “blue gene” jd, and a albino tiger Oscar. Right now they both are housed in separate 55 gallon tanks, due to the fact that their both only about 5 inches long. My question is, could I house these fish together in a 120 or 125 or would they be constantly fighting? I had them together in...
  5. jmf

    Aggression Issues with all fish

    Hi People, Sorry for the long post :) I have an aggression issue with all my fish. My baby JD try's to kill any bn pleco I put into his tank His in a 30g grow out tank (he already attacks me and everything in the tank), my 2 baby blood parrots (yes I know) are in a 45g grow out tank and they...
  6. M

    Jack Dempsey Sexing?

    Hi so I've had my jack dempsey for a little over a month now. I got him (just assuming its a him) at Petco at around 3 inches. I'd say he is about 3.5 inches long now. He was in a 10 gallon for a few weeks and now lives in a 40 gallon breeder by himself. I've heard that females have blue chins...
  7. Z

    Texas Cichlid Tankmates in 150 gallon

    Just finished cycling my 150 gallon, added a 5" Texas and a 4" Paratilapia Polleni. The Texas immediately started beating up the Polleni, so I returned it to my LFS. The Texas now has the whole tank to himself, and I'm wondering what other cichlids would work with it. Could I try a Jack Dempsey...
  8. Jexnell

    Jack and Jill, my Jack Dempsey growth and development thread.

    In this thread I will be introducing you all to Jack and Jill my Jack Dempseys. I will regularly post updates and new pics. Tank 55gal, filter Auqaclear 110, airstone as well for more surface agitation. Temp set to78, PH from the tap at 7.8 I feed them Hikari gold pellets, mealworms, crickets...
  9. Tommytipper87

    JD male or female?

    I've had mixed opinions on weather this is a male or female either way am Happy how he or she is growing an looking. Would be great to know what the actual sex is. Thanks will upload pic later as won't let me at this time
  10. S

    New 300g CA (mostly) tank stocking suggestions

    So after about 8 years away from keeping an aquarium (I kept a 90 gallon aquarium with my father until I graduated high school), I have finally decided to get back into the hobby. I recently acquired a 300 gallon aquarium (dimensions - 96"L, 30"W, 24"H) at a garage sale for a steal and am eager...
  11. Cichlomaniac

    Ca cichlid Agression

    Anybody have any luck keeping Jack's and salvini together with breeding pair of convicts? Just added cons as dithers a week ago and they paired up instantly, (less then a week) started nesting had no clue the sex until now female is bright red/orange and nesting
  12. Ohionick2017

    Juvenile jack dempsey won't eat

    I set up a 55 gallon tank this past saturday and got a jack dempsey that sunday to do a fish in cycle. Since i got him I've done 2 water changes and i haven't seen him eat. I did see white fecies so i bought some api general cure and I put the second dose in today. His colors have come a long...
  13. G

    Green Terror tank mates

    It has been a long time since ive had setup a tank. The GT was always my favorite. I have a 60 gallon and plan on getting a GT and a blue JD ( i understand risks of aggression). i also want to have a con and a firemouth in the same tank. I plan on introducing all at same time. Does anybody have...
  14. G

    Green Terror tank mates

    It has been a long time since ive had setup a tank. The GT was always my favorite. I have a 60 gallon and plan on getting a GT and a blue JD ( i understand risks of aggression). i also want to have a con and a firemouth in the same tank. I plan on introducing all at same time. Does anybody have...
  15. jmf

    Silly me...Listening to LFS instead of you guys

    So today I went out to purchase some Mollies or Swordtails as @duanes, @dan518 etc suggested. So I go to my LFS and let them talk me into purchasing a chocolate Cichlid instead as they kept saying they aren't comfortable selling me Mollies etc with a JD. So I got the chocolate... I think I have...
  16. jmf

    My poor Oscar and my first CA Cichlid

    Hi all, I'm new here so a big hello to all :-) Unfortunately, my Oscar decided to commit suicide by jumping out of his tank, clear across the garage. I found him hours later, blood everywhere :-(. Anyway, I couldn't bring myself to get another Oscar and wanted something with personality but...
  17. Alexander342

    Zebra Danios eating jack dempsey fry?

    I have a couple zebra Danios in a 40 gal breeder with a pair of jack dempsey's that have some fry, they aren't quite free swimming yet but I was wondering if the Danios could possibly eat the fry at night or maybe when the fry are free swimming?
  18. Declanb12

    Jack Dempsey coloration

    So I got my first JD from petsmart about 2 weeks ago. He is a pale beige color with vertical black stripes. He only has a few small blue spots around his gills. Is he going to stay this way, or will he darken up and gain more blue? He's only about an inch and a half to 2 inches long right now...
  19. foristcr

    Platinum Attempt

    Trying to breed Platinum Jack Dempsey's. Blue Gene Gold Jack X Blue Gene Gold Jack Eggs discovered on March 21st Wigglers on March 22nd Free swimming on March 26th I've moved them to a bare bottom 20 gallon tank and have been feeding bbs. These all look considerably lighter than normal Jack...
  20. B

    Jack Dempsey from pet store

    I got a jack Dempsey from the pet store and he looks like he has some old wounds. I was just wondering if anyone can tell by looking. I attached a photo.