jack dempsey

  1. Nativefishkeeper904

    white area around my JD Cichlids eye?

    This white spot showed up on my JD this morning. Is this Normal? I can quarentine him and treat him if I need to. Any suggestions?
  2. E

    South American Cichlids Brooklyn

    I am getting rid of my tanks and the fish need to go first no matter what. Here's what I have: Midas Parrotfish Flowerhorn Vieja Catfish None are babies, they are medium sized fish, not small. Give me an offer. You don't have to buy all of course.
  3. C

    Jack Dempsey help please!

    My first post here, thanks for any help. Love the site. Me and my wife have been trying to get our what we thought was a male/female couple of JD's to spawn with no such success in two years. Tried all the tricks and no action lol not even egg attempts like my O's. So I'm now...
  4. swomley93

    bad brown algea

    I have a 55 gallon, a 20 long and two ten gallon tanks at the moment my 20 long used to have small African cichlids in it, and it always stayed cloudy, I realized they needed a new home so I had them moved to a new home. I replaced every bit of water, well almost.. and all new decorations...
  5. Nativefishkeeper904

    Help sex my new JD?

    I got a baby Jack Dempsey cichlid awhile ago. Can you help me figure out what gender it is? I'm not planning on breeding it I just like to name my fish. Lol
  6. Samantha Ashley

    Sex of my Jack Dempsey

    Hoping someone could help me identify if my Jack Dempsey is a Male or a Female. The picture I am posting with his or her colors being bright is from 5 months ago when I first brought him/her home. The second picture is from 3 days ago. Colors are not as bright anymore but still has a little...
  7. Samantha Ashley

    Sex of Jack Dempsey

    Can someone please help me to figure out the sex of my Jack Dempsey. The first picture is from when he or she was smaller, and 2nd picture is from a couple days ago. Colors aren't as bright anymore. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  8. swomley93

    Jack Dempsey color change

    Hello, I was wondering if the pH level of your tank water will affect the color of your jack Dempsey ? He's about 4 inches long and is petty colorful but my pH is pushing 7.8 I've read that they like around 6.5 to 7
  9. F

    Jack Dempsey losing scales

    I have a 4. Inch jack Dempsey that was in a hundred gallon aquarium that is cycled ant tested regularly, along with several convicts all under four inches, and a medium sized pleco. When I went away all the fish had no missing scales where healthy. While I was gone one pair of convicts breed(big...
  10. A

    New Jack Dempsey Tank Setup Help!

    I am in the process of setting up a 60 gal tank with sand substrate decorated with rocks and driftwood. I really would like to get a Jack Dempsey, but also wanted to add some other fish to the tank. I wanted to ask opinions on if my stocking list would work, as depending on which fish I get is...
  11. K

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsy

    Can a EBJD live with a sengal Birchir? I have a cycled 55 gallon and I would get both at tiny sizes.
  12. E

    Help sexing Juvenile Jack Dempseys

    Hi! Can anyone help me sex my two juvenile JDs? The lower gillplate markings and body shape/fins might be indicating two females? I was hoping someone could prove me wrong here, as I am hoping for atleast one of them to be male.. The first 3 photos are of the smaller one, the last two is the...
  13. alecrromine

    Just scored a gem

    A lfs here in town. Had this girl for 8$
  14. Teke left

    Thoughts on stock?

    First allow me to say that I know most will not agree with what I am about to say lol .. All I ask is to not be rude about it .. Well after being in the saltwater hobby for a few years I suddenly want to be a American cichlid hobbiest .. Over the last few months I have been researching many...
  15. Sizzy905

    Firemouth cichlid

    I've just added a 4-5 inch firemouth to my 75 gallon. Other than that I have a two jack dempseys 4-5 inches Two oscars about 6-7 inches And one black convict 4 inches I am looking for a new home for the oscars atm but they are not my concern as they are completely docile same with my convict. My...
  16. Sizzy905

    Aggressive cichlid tank

    I'm thinking of starting another 75 gallon tank, I actually wanna get a larger one but due to limited space now since I already got a 75 recently, I think another 4 foot tank is the way to go. I want to stock aggressive cichlids in this one. I really love jags but I know 75 isn't enough for...
  17. Sizzy905

    75 gallon cichlid tank

    ive changed the stock in my 75 from angels/gouramis to cichlids now. I've gone withe one jd roughly 2 inches, one firemouth roughly 2 inches, and one convict about an inch, and planning to add some dither fish. Is there any other cichlid that i can keep? I would also like suggestions on what...
  18. brittneyelz

    Need Help with my Canister

    i have Ehiem 3 canister filter in my 120gal. I have never had a canister filter before and my tank is starting to smell a little and im not sure how to fix the issue. there is a green tint to it that I cant seem to get rid of with weekly water changes ect. im sure there are a lot of different...
  19. Truetommy

    Jack Dempsey with Red head

    Just wondering if anyone knew if a red head on a JD was anything significant. I did some research and found nothing on the subject, and had never seen a JD with a red spot this prominent on its head. The fish is only about 3"".