jaguar cichlid

  1. M

    Sexing Jaguar cichlid

    Hi, Can someone please help? Is it a male or female?
  2. H

    Male or Female Jag?

    Hi there, I got this fellow here, was told it's a male by former owner but then I am seeing ads online for a female jag that basically looks the same as my male... Which casted some doubts in my mind. I looked at a bunch of videos and articles trying to determine this but I am still unsure...
  3. M

    For Sale  I have a tire track eel 7" and a male Jaguar 6"

    I need to sell these beauties as I want to start breeding but the jaguar kills all the fry every time and well the Eel likes to do Eel things and trys to escape a lot haha.
  4. agent1207

    NTT Datnoid with African Cichlids? Aquarium Upgrade Help! Pics attached.

    I am currently looking into upgrading my aquarium set up to a much larger system and was wondering if this could/would work. Right now, Aquarium #1 100 Gallon African Cichlids/ Central American 2x yellow lab 4in (known to get aggressive when larger) 1x zebra mbuna 3in (most aggressive in tank...
  5. P

    Male or Female?

    I've got two jaguar cichlids that I could use a second opinion on there sex.
  6. S

    Super Red Tiger Cichlids and ManU Jaguar Cichlid

    Hi there. This is my first post, so I don’t know if it’s in the right category or not?! Lol I’m looking to start up a project. I’m looking to selectively breed a ‘Super’ Red Tiger Cichlid, keeping the pattern of the RTM, but breeding the reds of the Red Terror into it. Once/ if, I can achieve...
  7. Green Devils-Red Terrors

    New tank with babys.

    I've finally had time on break to have the 125 gallon set up!! :hearts: Question, I have four BABIES in the tank as of yesterday. 2" Jaguar Cichlid, he's gorgeous gold. 2" Firemouth Cichlid. 1 1/2" Green Texas. 1" Salvini. My brother got to choose 2 fish for setting it up and he chose the...
  8. Mr geophagus

    Jaguar cichlid for free in Virginia area

    I have a jaguar cichlid that has become the runt of the pack. He is a solid 4” and an amazing eater. I don’t want him to die, so I’m putting him up on here. He is currently in a 30 gallon holding tank, but I can sell you a 55 to keep him in. The 55 is $50 (price negotiable) please consider...
  9. RubyRuby234

    New Addition to the Fish Family

    My new BEAUTIFUL Jaguar Cichlid!! So happy welcome to the family Jet!
  10. RubyRuby234

    My new addition to our Fish Family!!

    My new BEAUTIFUL Jaguar Cichlid!! So happy welcome to the family Jet!
  11. L

    Sexing my Jaguar cichlid

    Just got this jag on sale for 5 bucks. Male or female?
  12. Vibsee

    Jaguar Feeding Query

    I have an 11 inch jaguar who does not eat any kind of pellets. So the only 2 things I feed him is bloodworms and beefheart. He refuses to eat any kind of fish or shrimps either. So I figured i would feed him bloodworms mixed with hikari pelllets. For this I mix the pellets with thawed...
  13. P

    Sexing Jaguar Cichlid

    Hi guys, I'm new here and need help to sexing my jag. Also i would appreciate if you guys give any advice about my tank setup. I give him/her feeder plattys for diet. Thanks NB: by the picts taken, im still doing water change, so the water level a little bit low
  14. B

    Jaguar x Cuban cichlid hybrid female

    Just thought id shoe my female jag x cuban hybrid. Havnt seen any more out there on the internet. She has paired up with a blue flowerhorn i have but i fear he may sterile. The photos arent the best but you can see her pretty well.
  15. C

    Jaguar cichlid gender

    I was wondering if anyone can tell if my jag is a male or female yet? I’m having a tough time but I’m guessing a male.
  16. C

    Jaguar cichlid male or female

    Can anyone tell if this jag is a male or female yet?
  17. Miks786

    Jaguar cichlid info?

    Hey MFK I recently got 2 big jaguar cichlids and I noticed they are not eating at all... I do have some aggressive eaters in the tank such as snakehead, peacock bass arowana and a RTC Could that be a problem? Or they still getting used to the tank
  18. N

    Overstocking Agressive CA Cichlids

    Is this possible like with Africans? Was thinking of buying around 70 juveniles (species that are aggressive but stay around 12-14”), raising them together, selling off the most aggressive ones and hopefully ending up with a community of maybe 15-20 pcs for a 180 gallon. The idea would be to...
  19. C

    Jaguar Cichlid male or female

    I got two jaguar cichlids the other day and one is darker than the other one. Does anyone know what gender they are yet? And also why is there color different.
  20. V

    Jaguar cichlid Male or Female?

    Can anyone tell me who is male and who is female jaguar? Plzz