jaguar cichlid

  1. G

    New Jag pair

    Hi I recently purchased a new pair of Jaguar cichlids, the female look great and strong, even laid eggs in the lfs. The male seems thin and slightly tilts to one side when swimming. They are both eating well, so far some mysis shrimp and some talapia chunk's and some raw shrimp. They are alone...
  2. L

    Sexing jag plz male or female

    Male or female 4 inches only
  3. Alligator head

    Arowana tank mates!?

    Hey guys! I was wondering can I keep my RTG with few SA nd CA cichlids. I have a 8" RTG I'm thinking to add two 4" oscars, one 3" G Gourami, one 3" Severum, one 2" jaguar, one 2" red devil, one 2" Texas and one 3" green terror! My arowana is currently with a bichir senegalus bichir and it keeps...
  4. StalkedCargo

    This is a Jag right?

    Hello everybody. I know this is probably a foolish question as I bought this fish from my LFS that I trust and use most. I am aware that as most fish coloration looks one way as aware juvenile, they will change to a color we identify with most as they age. Right now however, this little guy...
  5. Aqua Nut

    Dovii, Jags & ALL Parachromis With GuapoteMel Meanest Cichlid Genus

    Today we go over everything Parachromis Cichlids with a very special guest, GuapoteMel. Mel has over 4 decades of experience caring for, breeding and raising every species in the Parachromis genus. He shares his secrets to success with all of us in this monster fish keeping 101. Mel goes over...
  6. Z

    Male or female

    Had this guy over a month might be too small to sex it, so i would like ur opionion.
  7. R

    Jaguar fries...Help...

    Last night suddenly I check my tank & found there are many fries of jaguar I am worried as its community tank and there are AROWANA,OSCARS & SINSPILIM in same tank...suggest me what to do next... Should I take out those fries alone ? Should I take out them with their parents ? Or it...
  8. Aqua Nut

    Fish Room Tour 2016 | SA CA Cichlids

    Join us as we visit the fishroom of a monster fish keeper. This fish room tour features over 9 different aquariums. We are guided through this monster fish room tour of a true monster fish keeper. Dave shows off his amazing collection of gorgeous, huge South American cichlids and Central...
  9. R

    My jaguar colors

    Attaching my jaguar colors...I'm worried because of since laat one month there is no proper coloration in that even feeding and movement is very much proper...can someone suggest what to do and need to change some foods or what ! I'm giving them Hikari bio gold+...
  10. Tsdamian

    New monster jag pair!

    So I "jagged" this pair yesterday for $140, proven and have bread before. (No pun intended) Male is around 21cm and female around 17cm Have them seperated right now cause the male is abit of a psycho (as expected) Only question I have is what's the best thing to feed them? I have chopped up...
  11. swomley93

    jaguar cichlids

    Hello all , I have bought two jaguar cichlid baby's and one of them is very bright (body) and the other has a very dark body with more markings did I accidentally pick up a breeding pair you think?
  12. J

    Compatible Bottom Feeders

    Hello, I am looking for some advice on compatible bottom feeders. I have a breeding pair of Jaguar Cichlids and was wondering if there are any really good bottom feeders they would be compatible with, or will my Jags just eat whatever I put in there? Thank-You
  13. Lawlboom

    Jag acting funny

    I've had this jag for a couple months now. He started at barely an inch and now I'd say he's (or she) is at atleast 2.5. For the history I started off with a 40g growout divided with a jewel and salvini. After about two weeks of them barely eating and constantly hiding I began to suspect...
  14. Tyler_Wentworth_150


    Jaguar, little blurry... won't hold still though. Serious glass banger
  15. Teke left

    Thoughts on stock?

    First allow me to say that I know most will not agree with what I am about to say lol .. All I ask is to not be rude about it .. Well after being in the saltwater hobby for a few years I suddenly want to be a American cichlid hobbiest .. Over the last few months I have been researching many...
  16. brittneyelz

    Need Help with my Canister

    i have Ehiem 3 canister filter in my 120gal. I have never had a canister filter before and my tank is starting to smell a little and im not sure how to fix the issue. there is a green tint to it that I cant seem to get rid of with weekly water changes ect. im sure there are a lot of different...