jaguar cichlid

  1. L

    Sexing my Jaguar cichlid

    Just got this jag on sale for 5 bucks. Male or female?
  2. Vibsee

    Jaguar Feeding Query

    I have an 11 inch jaguar who does not eat any kind of pellets. So the only 2 things I feed him is bloodworms and beefheart. He refuses to eat any kind of fish or shrimps either. So I figured i would feed him bloodworms mixed with hikari pelllets. For this I mix the pellets with thawed...
  3. P

    Sexing Jaguar Cichlid

    Hi guys, I'm new here and need help to sexing my jag. Also i would appreciate if you guys give any advice about my tank setup. I give him/her feeder plattys for diet. Thanks NB: by the picts taken, im still doing water change, so the water level a little bit low
  4. B

    Jaguar x Cuban cichlid hybrid female

    Just thought id shoe my female jag x cuban hybrid. Havnt seen any more out there on the internet. She has paired up with a blue flowerhorn i have but i fear he may sterile. The photos arent the best but you can see her pretty well.
  5. C

    Jaguar cichlid gender

    I was wondering if anyone can tell if my jag is a male or female yet? I’m having a tough time but I’m guessing a male.
  6. C

    Jaguar cichlid male or female

    Can anyone tell if this jag is a male or female yet?
  7. Miks786

    Jaguar cichlid info?

    Hey MFK I recently got 2 big jaguar cichlids and I noticed they are not eating at all... I do have some aggressive eaters in the tank such as snakehead, peacock bass arowana and a RTC Could that be a problem? Or they still getting used to the tank
  8. N

    Overstocking Agressive CA Cichlids

    Is this possible like with Africans? Was thinking of buying around 70 juveniles (species that are aggressive but stay around 12-14”), raising them together, selling off the most aggressive ones and hopefully ending up with a community of maybe 15-20 pcs for a 180 gallon. The idea would be to...
  9. C

    Jaguar Cichlid male or female

    I got two jaguar cichlids the other day and one is darker than the other one. Does anyone know what gender they are yet? And also why is there color different.
  10. V

    Jaguar cichlid Male or Female?

    Can anyone tell me who is male and who is female jaguar? Plzz
  11. Oz fish guy

    Jaguar breeding question

    Im thinkIing of separating my breeding pair of jags. If reintroduced will they auto pair or is it like trying to introduce a new fish again?
  12. C

    Jaguar or Dovii?

    My LFS sold me what I thought was to be a juvenile jaguar cichlid but after looking at the fish in my tank for awhile I believed that it was something different. I’m in between on if it is an actually jaguar or a Dovii. Someone please help me identify this fish
  13. N

    Sand or gravel

    Please help I just got back into the fish game after a 9 year hiatus I am setting up a 55 gallon tank tomorrow for 2 jaguar cichlids im stressed about sand or gravel now the guy I am getting the tank from had sand he's used for 3 years and I want sand personally instead of gravel. Also I and...
  14. V

    Can i safely keep am ebjd, g terror, r terror, flowerhorn and jag in the same tank?

    Hi, i was thinking of doing a large cichlid aquarium but i have some concerns about aggression in the tank. The fishes i had in mind were 1 green terror 1 red terror 1 electric blue jack dempsey...
  15. Addi_13


    Hello guys, Guys I have a Jaguar cichlids which is about 5” - 6” in a 300 Gallon. Please can you help me identify it’s sex as it’s growing up and I want to know if it’s male as they get very aggressive towards other fishes. Regards, Additya
  16. B

    tank mate

    Im about to buy a 100 gallon tank 5ft long about 2ft tall and about 2ft front to back. My plan for the tank is a cichlid tank not african. I was planing to put a jaguar in it with maybe 2 convict cichlids or maybe a madagascar cichlid what type of cichlid would be best with a jaguar cichlid. I...
  17. A

    Help sexing my cichlids please!

    OK guys I have a green Texas, a buttikoferi, a convict, a golden jaguar, a rettropinnis bichir, sailfin pleco and a flowerhorn I need help sexing. Please drop your knowledge on me. I'm dying to know what I have. Thanks
  18. I

    WTB Female Jaguar Cichlid

    looking for Female Jaguar // I'm located in Southern California..c3ll (8i8-33Six-ZeroSix23
  19. Alexander342

    Jaguar cichlid teeth coming through lip

    I just noticed I can now see my 25cm jaguar cichlid's bottom teeth and was wondering if they will start to show more or get bigger as he becomes fully grown?
  20. LambCh0p

    Jaguar or Flowerhorn?

    I recently set up a 40 gallon breeder, which I plan on using as a grow out tank until I can set up a 125 or 150 this summer for a single large cichlid. I've been considering getting either a small Flowerhorn or Jaguar cichlid that I will move to the larger tank this summer. However, I am having...