largemouth bass

  1. Paradox2296

    150 gallon

    Hey guys its been awhile thought id post an update lost my kelberi and my tsn due to a power outage so im looking for some replacements
  2. B

    Largemouthbass and Redfin perch sick 😷?

    Hi fam, So I have 1 LMB he‘s roughly 1,5-2‘‘ and 3 european redfin perch 4-5‘‘ in a different tank. The redfin perch were shy from the start and wouldnt eat much. Which is very unnatural for them. And now the bass starter getting shy / scared and isnt eating. Sometimes they flash their...
  3. B

    Bass yawning and flashing

    Cliffs: had a LMB - he started yawning more and more - got flukes - treated and released - new bass , same thing .. Hi folks, this is my new account had an old one but forgot everything since its from 10 years ago. I live in Germany and finally managed to get a Largemouth Bass. I have no...
  4. tikoisdabest

    Want to Buy  Pure Florida strain Largemouth Bass

    Looking for pure Florida strain largemouth babies. Anyone know of a place ? Thank you
  5. R

    For Sale  look for 5-7 inch smallmouth bass and a largemouth or spotted bass

    willing to trade 5-7 inch oscar and 4-6 inch azul peacock bass
  6. R

    Want to Buy  looking for a smallmouth bass and a largemouth bass

    if you are in the chicago land area or are willing to ship both fish let me now asap also we can meet somewhere also. Willing to trade 7-8 inch oscar
  7. Mr geophagus

    Care for a largemouth bass?

    Does anybody know the care requirements for a largemouth bass. E.g. tank size, temperature, filtration, food, etc.
  8. M

    Largemouth Bass

    I would love to see your pics of your bass i know i love mine and the tank he is in. Also if anybody has any tricks or tips to care for these please post here
  9. Joe2433

    Largemouth bass I caught at Findlay state park,OH

    I was using chicken liver to catch cat fish and caught this bass.
  10. C

    Hi I'm New

    Hi I just made an account here. I've got a largemouth bass (5in) and african lungfish (28in). The lungfish is also for sale.
  11. M

    Best pellet food for numerous native species?

    I am building a pond about 2000-3000 gallons this spring. Approx 4ft deep, 10 ft length and width. I will be stocking it with many native fish including- largemouth,smallmouth, walleye, sunfish, albino Catfish, crappie, and perch. I will only buy one or two of each fish. I will purchase these...
  12. Jiggin609

    Fishing large mouth February 20 2016

    Tight lines everybody!