1. IgnatzMcJockel

    Helialux Smartcontrol

    I am currently using the juwel helialux smartcontrol with the helialux spectrum bar. It's a very cool thing.You are able to create lighting profiles for your tank over a web interface and assign different profiles to different days. It's also possible to simulate coulds^^. There is also a...
  2. Bassmaster360

    Use UVB light to significantly enhance flowerhorn/fish coloration

    Get yourself a UVB lightbulb (generally used in the reptile-keeping hobby) that emits visible light, UVA, and UVB. This is the best artificial way of mimicking sunlight. Just like how sunlight gives us a tan, they enhance and deepen coloration on all fish. Don't believe all the fears online of...
  3. D

    Arowana Viewing Lights

    I have an 16cm RTG asian arowana in a tank with black background and black sand. During the day it looks decent, but the rest of the time it looks really bad. I tried using a hanging blue+white viewing light and it just looks really dull. I'm planning to add tube led lights, any idea what colors...
  4. Fogs

    Planted Tank, Datnoid, lighting Qs.

    I currently have a planted tank with some Mermaid Weed, an Amazon Sword, Ludwigia, and one other plant idk what its called. Anyways, i have a juvenile Silver Datnoid (Datanoides Polota) and he is clearly light sensitive. Possibly he is sensitive because hes young or it might just be a species...
  5. S

    SEEKING ADVICE: New Tank (Fish Suggestions and Setup)

    Hi everyone! ? ? Since all of you are very knowledgeable, any and all help is appreciated. The tank is a roughly 43 gallon eurobraced acrylic (48in L X 13in W X 16in H). Planning to upgrade in the future, for larger fish. I have a sump setup, but I need advice on a lighting/heating setup...
  6. mattybecks

    New lighting, ideas for corals.

    Hi Guys, So I have been keeping my converted freshwater tank for a while now as Marine. I finally removed the canopy and got some proper lights. I was hoping for some ideas as to what I can keep under this lighting in terms of LPS and soft corals. I have always loved the look of hammers and...
  7. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Help with Choosing Equipment for Piraya or Cariba Piranha Tank

    So I am going to be getting 1 Piraya Piranha OR 1 Carbia Piranha and need to start buying equipment. I haven't quite decided yet on which one but I figured I could buy the equipment first while I decide. I have a list of things with their descriptions (for my own reference) below that I found on...
  8. kody929

    210G set up advice

    Hey everyone! I’ve got some renewed passion for the hobby and I’m looking to turn my 210g into a planted community tank. Right now I’m looking for advice on the substrate and lighting. Obviously a lot of substrate is required for a 2’x7’ footprint. My thoughts now are Around 9 bags of ADA...
  9. Blakewater

    Suggestions for new 325G Aquarium?

    Took the plunge today and bought my first monster tank. Previously I had only owned a 6x2x2 tank but today I purchased a 96x26x30. Im super excited but I quickly realized theres not a ton of 96" tank lights on the market and not many large filter systems either; but of course a sump is always a...
  10. islandguy11

    Psychedelic Arowana

    When I was first thinking about getting into Asian Arowana, researching/learning, seeing many pix and videos, it soon became clear how crucial lighting is when it comes to showing them, even more so than most fish. Given the sheer size and nature of their scales, they're kinda like floating...
  11. A

    Proper Lighting

    I have a planted 15 gallon tall freshwater aquarium. What is recommended lighting wise that would be efficient and inexpensive for my tank? This is my upgrade so nothing has been moved into it yet and I already have a 10" light with timer.
  12. A

    Question about lighting my 460 gallon Aquarium

    Hello All, I have recently started building a 460 gallon aquarium (80'x45'x30'), and am wondering what the best light would be to light my aquarium. My plan with the aquarium was to fill it up a little less than 1/2 of the way and create a paludarium with plants growing fully emersed, floating...
  13. Ari7667

    Lighting for a 450 gallon tank?

    My family and I have a 450 gallon 24" depth, 8' long, and 42" tall acrylic tank on the way. We are trying to get all the supplies before it gets here. Problem is we do not know much about fish tanks. My question is what kind of lighting would work with this tank. I saw a video of a guy who had...
  14. Larryfish

    Help! Lighting issue.

    Okay. So I have a 55 gal planted setup That I recently did. With two fluvial aquasky lights on it 48" when expanded. I was doing some research on giant hairgrass (because I have it in my tank) and saw that most people were having issues with the plant propagating due to lighting. Most people...
  15. PatrickMW36

    Enough light for Java Moss & Fern ?

    Just wanted to know if one of these bulbs is adequate lighting for some Java moss & Fern in a 10 gal shrimp tank?
  16. xDestro

    55 plant light

    Need a light for my 55 gallon, every light I see that's "for plants" is crazy expensive so what doea anyone have anything that works well, isn't crazy expensive, and isn't an eyesore on top of the tank? Tank will be planted with "beginner plants" java fern, amazon sword etc. No co2. Amazon links...
  17. jonah h2o

    dirt planted tanks? and lighting

    is a dirt planted tank the way to go? I've been trying to figure out if a dirt planted tank (aqua soil) is the right way to go for me, my LFS (aquatic warehouse) is ordering me a tank L36" W18" H18". I would like to do a dirt planted tank but not totally sure what it entails and if there is...
  18. GamerChick5567

    New 29 Gallon Acrylic, Need Ideas!

    Well, since my convicts need to be moved out of the 90 I picked up this guy off craigslist for 95 bucks since it came with a stand and a heater and an ac20. Previously the guy I bought it off used the tank for corals and small reef fishies, and he was all excited that I'm using it for cichlids...
  19. H

    are my lights too bright?

    i bought the lights around noon. not sure if this is too much light haha. appreciate the advice :)
  20. O

    I'm lost....

    So, I have decided to take the leap and switch from plastic to real plants, but the switch was much harder than I anticipated. This tank will have a bichir, a low light fish. The problem is I don't know how to differ low from high in lumens and forget about the light penetration. If I wanted to...