1. M

    boesemani rainbow Head turning dark blue/black with new tank mates

    So I have had 1 boesmane’s rainbow for about 3 months, he was all alone with guppy’s and tetras. I set up my new 90 gallon planted tank with co2. And let put him in it after about 3 weeks.. he was doing fine for about a week and a half, but people kept telling me that he needs more boesmani...
  2. Naos1984

    Do Channa micropeltes adults dig through the substrate?

    I'm planning on doing a dwarf sagittaria and sagittaria broadleaf carpet on my next project and I wonder if it's worth the effort. Will adult Channa micropeltes dig? Say 30" big? I'm planning a 2-3" thickness for sand supported by ferts for the sagittaria. If that does not work, garden soil and...
  3. N

    Tank ready for pleco???

    Originally posted under setup I need help with upgrading the tank for my 15” pleco and his goldfish pal. tank is cycled (I think) but I’m thinking a tank to tank move- please read the thread here and give me suggestions...
  4. E

    Dirt bottom planted tank - advice?

    I'm planning on setting up a 68 gal. aquarium soon as a dirt bottom tank I have several smaller planted tanks with plant specific substrates (CaribSea, EcoComplete) but have never ventured into a dirt bottom tank. I know that I need a potting soil with no added fertilizers - what brands do you...
  5. Tom the bomb

    Planaria and other pests and plant ID

    My axolotl tank with 2 hornwort and an unknown plant (ID plz, the one in the middle) has planaria and 2 bladder snails. I know its from the plants probably. I've bought a pack of planaria zero but it takes long to ship. The infestation of planaria is not too bad. I removed 9 already and none...
  6. kody929

    210G set up advice

    Hey everyone! I’ve got some renewed passion for the hobby and I’m looking to turn my 210g into a planted community tank. Right now I’m looking for advice on the substrate and lighting. Obviously a lot of substrate is required for a 2’x7’ footprint. My thoughts now are Around 9 bags of ADA...
  7. F

    Metynnis silver dollars and planted tank?

    I don't have the secret or claim to know any better. But my silver dollars (Metynnis spp., 3 different species) don't eat my plants. The tank is 75gallon, relatively heavily planted with several different species of plants: 3 Crypts (Cryptocorybe usteriana, C. affinis and C. sp.), Java fern...
  8. stiker

    New 180G Build

    Hello, I am going to be rescaping and changing the fish around in my 180G tank (6x2x2ft with a 4ft sump). I am new to a planted tank so don't have a lot of knowledge when it comes to it but I have extensive knowledge in regards to fish keeping. The big part of it which I guess will affect other...
  9. R

    Marbled Gar Photoshoot

    Just a few pics of my marbled gar enjoy..
  10. Kiryoku

    65 Gallon Aquarium Set Up Ideas?

    i currently have a 5 inch short body srd flowerhorn in it bare bottom. i was wondering if i should keep the flowerhorn or should i sell it, and set up the tank with discus or platinum angels or anything else? any ideas on stocking the tank? i'll probably make it a planted tank if i'm going to...
  11. A

    Question about lighting my 460 gallon Aquarium

    Hello All, I have recently started building a 460 gallon aquarium (80'x45'x30'), and am wondering what the best light would be to light my aquarium. My plan with the aquarium was to fill it up a little less than 1/2 of the way and create a paludarium with plants growing fully emersed, floating...
  12. P

    Hi from Sydney

    Hey everyone, long time lurker here. Iv been gathering from the wealth of information here for some time but recently decided to get more involved. I have recently moved on from my 6x2x1.5 and am in the process of setting up a 6x2.5x2.5 (ish) 280/290g? Ill be resealing the tank in the coming...
  13. PanAntV

    I started a planted tank for the first time.

    LFS sold me potted plants and I couldn't get the stone wool off completely so I planted with them on it. Honestly its a good amount. Is it bad for a tank Im planning on putting fish in soon? Is there a proper or really good method for removing it? Should I pull the plants up and replant them...
  14. IsaacMTSU

    9ft Cold Water Tank Build Thread!

    So, this is “Day Zero” of our 9ft cold water river tank build. I wanted to start a thread here, because it has been a while since I did any major changes with our aquariums and I know this build will be 5000x better with input from everyone here! We are building a semi-custom house and the plan...
  15. xDestro

    Dipping in hydrogen peroxide?

    I recently made a post of my hair algae tanking over my tank, I havnt started treatment yet as I just got back from vacation and didn't want to start it before I leave for a week. But my main question is to prevent this in the future could I take plants I buy from my lfs and dip them in straight...
  16. C

    New planted tank

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd share some pics of my new 20g. All opinions and suggestions are welcome ☺
  17. PatrickMW36

    New to small fish and need suggestions

    I'm going set up a new tank and wanted some suggestions. I'm either doing a 20 gal or a 40 B. I'm going to make it a planted tank and am going to add 25 red cherry shrimp & don't know what type of fish to get. The reason behind the tank is to grow plants to add into my large tanks as well as...
  18. J

    Need boss fish for angel tank

    Hello, I just bought 5 juvie angels to be the centerpiece for my 55 gal tank and I want a boss fish to keep them in line. I have had angels before, and like them, but I don't like their attitude. I suspect that they mat stress out my other fish, and I just don't like the way they behave. I was...
  19. B

    Bichirs in a planted paludarium?

    First off, I have been researching my favorite fish. Every time I have a question about Bichirs, Google has turned me to this forum (literally every time lol). So I figured Why not join? I use the term paludarium loosely. Idealy I am looking to get an Aqueon 210. The top 5-7 inches or so will...
  20. PatrickMW36


    I'm planning on planting a carpet of Dwarf Hairgrass in my Pickerel's tank. I'm a beginner when in comes to plants and have never carpeted my tank floor. The tank only holds my 2 10 inch Pickerel. My Filtration does a great job of keeping their water prestine. The issue is that they are larger...