1. D

    Fossorochromis rostratus in Polypterus / Bichir community?

    Any hobbyists who have had fossorochromis rostratus in their polypterus community tanks? Greatly appreciate any advice on this. Thank you in advance "
  2. T

    Polypterus ID?

    So I got this fish at the fish store and it was sold to me as a polls bichir, it obviously isn’t which is super sad but it also looks much different than all the Senegal’s I own. It has a bit of mottling throughout his color and his belly is much more yellow that my almost light tan Senegal’s...
  3. M

    For Sale  Polypterus Endlicheri

    I'm looking to re-home Female Polypterus Ansorgii about 1' and 4'' long. Pick up only.
  4. Iamfish

    Gonna try polys again

    So I have been thinking for a while of trying out poly's again. So today I decided to sell one of my cats and get a poly, it will be here on Friday :) Will post pics when it gets here
  5. IgnatzMcJockel

    Hand Feeding Bichirs

    Hi MFKers I already had the first trys getting my poly pack used to hand feeding...but until now i only had success, if i put my hand lower then the half of the tank...but i would like to feed them near the surface (no wet arm every time^^). Has anyone of you experience in getting bichirs used...
  6. IgnatzMcJockel

    Delhezi sex determinition

    Hello MFK, Keeping Delhezi Bichirs has been a very big Wish of mine for the last few years. I prepared a long time , before buying my first two Dels this February (i often read that it's easy to gender polys). They were both worm-size (~2"). Becaus i wasn't shure if they'r male or femal i...
  7. Ashan Kavinda

    Transformation of Polypterus Endlicheri Bichir (can you guess the Breed)

    Transformation of Polypterus Endlicheri Bichir feeding on coppens sinking Pallets
  8. Ashan Kavinda

    Can any one ID this Poly ?

  9. B

    Trying to escape the tank

    My sens are trying to escape the tank. Is that normal? Or there is something wrong with the water?
  10. Ashan Kavinda

    African River Bottom Tank

  11. Jacob._.merc

    Red (blood?) on bichir

    I noticed recently on my delhezi bichir that he has red marks on his underside. The almost look like cuts. He is housed with 3 other bichirs and 2 catfish. Is this something to stress over or will it heal over time?
  12. Nilsafeller

    Sexing my bichir

    Basically just asking if any experienced poly keepers could tell me what sex my bichir is... I thought Male but not sure
  13. gotin20

    Polypterus 21 inches in New York

    polypterus 21 inches for 250 $
  14. Rob909

    My new endlicheri

    I’ve never seen a poly this small but it was a $20 steal and I’ve been looking for one for quite a while so I pulled the trigger on it. It’s about 3” max so it’s in a 10 gallon tank while I get him on food and pellet trained. It’s just a small temporary tank until he’s big enough to go into the...
  15. Miks786

    Poly Id??

    Hey guys i came across these polys.. Could anyone please tell me what species are they?
  16. R

    Question regarding Senegal bichirs

    Hey guys this is my first time posting and I have been looking for answer to this and i cannot find one. I am relatively new to aquariums and bichirs. So I will just get into it. i have a 55g tank and put a bichir i got from petsmart in there about 3 months ago. along with it went a female...
  17. Troy1015

    Troy1015 Poly Thread

    Hopefully I can chronicle my poly and enjoy sharing with you. Been back in the hobby for almost a year now and have went through many buy and sell and am settling in on a pretty permanent long term set up with a few more pieces to add over the next few months or hopefully by end of the year...
  18. E

    Sodium phosphate safe for bichir?

    Hi folks, I bought some raw shrimp to add to my bichir's diet and only noticed now that the ingredients include sodium phosphate. Anyone know if it's safe for fish? Thanks!
  19. RocketGarStar

    75 Gallon Oddball Tank

    I've had my 75 G forever, but I've been thinking about redoing it, as far as fish species go. Right no, I have: 1 6.5 inch Hujeta/Rocket Gar 1 4 inch Payara (growin him out) 1 6.5 inch African Featherfin Cat 1 4 inch Jack Depsey 1 5 inch Gourami (Not a Giant, but I don't know what it is yet)...
  20. D

    How many Bichirs could I have in a 150 gallon?

    Hello all! I have a fully cycled 150 gallon tank with 4 angels and 5 clown loaches. I have a BGK and will be getting some Bichirs, so here is my question. How many Bichirs could I get and not be pushing an unhealthy stocking level? Only upper jaws. Nothing huge. I have a sponge filter, 575 gph...