1. B

    ABF with UpperJaws

    Does anyone have experience keeping African Butterfly Fish with smaller uppers like Retropinnis, Mokele-mbembe and either a Polli/Dehlezi/Palmas/Senegalus? There will also be an African knife and 3 ropes and a few other 6" Middle/top swimmers. It will be in a 150 paludarium with around 20" of...
  2. the fine flip

    The lovely Congicus

    Just sharing some pics of the Congi. It is in a 340 gallon tank and is shares it with a small Endli, a Senegal, Delhezi, Polli, and another Congicus
  3. BichirQueen

    Showin' off the babies.

    It was suggested I made a thread and showed my babies - eh why not. I have 3 currently. Ornate - Molly Endlicheri - River Senegal - Jack Eventually would like to own a teugelsi and retropinnis. Show and tell me about yours please!
  4. The Dave

    My Polypterus Hunting For Nightcrawlers. High Quality Video.

    In this professionally produced, high definition video, we will see the species Polypterus delhezi in action feeding on nightcrawlers. This is one of the best polypterus videos on the internet. These are incredibly intelligent and beautiful fish. Highly recommended. Enjoy ...
  5. DannielR

    Am I doing this right?!?

    I really wanted to take care of fish. But because of Lack of money, I wasn't able to start. But now that I got a job, so I decided to start. I got a 25 gallon aquarium, with a larger base than right. Bought some plastic plants, some white natural sand from the beach and some pebbles or very...
  6. the fine flip


    I bought this one as a wild caught Endlicheri 2 days ago at a fish shop in my area. The guy at the shop did not seem too certain and therefore i would like to hear your opinions?
  7. B

    20 gallon grow out tank?

    I have 2 delhezi bichirs at 4 inches. Do you think the 20 gallon is too small? I was told a 40 breeder would be better. The size of food they can eat is literally crumb size and I was thinking it would be hard for them to find them in a 40 breeder. I am trying to get a 40 for when they grow...
  8. senegalrb

    Help bichir bullying

    Ive read online why my 10 inch senegal is nipping my 5-6 inch delhzi's fin. Ive kept senegal alone in a 60 gal tank, and everytime i introduce the smaller delhzi(numerous attempts) the next morning the fins are ripped to shreds and bleeding, soo i scoop it out and put it back to the old tank, i...
  9. The Dave

    Polypterus delhezi

    This guy is a baby right now, but he's gonna be a beast.
  10. D

    polypterus contest lets showoff our ancients beasts

    hey im new and i love bichirs ( i think its not a wierd thing though ) already have endlicheri endlicheri volta delhezi anessrogi ornate senegal albino senegal and pbb or pbl( dnot know about that one ) pictures at the end .lets post some pictures of the bichirs we have. im so sure that...
  11. D

    how to tell the difference between pbb and pbl

    hey guys just brout polypterus bichir to my tank. and need help in identifying it im new to the bichir business ( kind of new to monsterfishkeepers too) already have senegal. albino senegal. endlicheri. endlicheri ash ( thats what the owner of the shop told me ).anessrogi. delhezi. and ornates...
  12. The Dave

    Polypterus Delhezi

    Hi everyone, please give my Bichir video a look. He's little, but he's growing fast. I hope you enjoy
  13. freshfishin727

    Update video of my main display and grow out

    Tell me what you all think.
  14. The Keeper

    New baby Delhezi Bichir

    http://imgur.com/a/0MXNU I got it on 7/17/16 and took pictures over the course of 3 days to 7/19/16 It was really pale at first and kinda looked a bit pinkish but over time it colored up!
  15. H

    FOR SALE: Datnoids, Polypterus, Geos, Red Severums

    I am looking to go in a different direction with my 125 gallon tank. All fish in good shape. FOR SALE NTT Datnoid - $60 - healthy but he's been eating krill and hasn't taken pellets, about 6-7 inches. Indo Datnoid - $60 - eats everything, very healthy, about 5 inches. 2 Seremensis Geos -...
  16. The Keeper

    New baby Polypterus Endlicheri

    Here is an album of my new bichir Its 4": http://imgur.com/a/BYDZK will the stripes get bolder with age and size? and some of the dorsal finlets are kinda messed up will it get better? Next Stop: Congicus anybody know a good website that has a congicus around 3-5"???
  17. The Keeper

    Bichir name or classification?

    What does it mean when it says Dabola, Koliba, Koloton, Black Volta, Volta or Faranah??? and what is the difference between, them do they look different? Example: Polypterus endlicheri "Black Volta" (northern) Polypterus endlicheri "Volta" (southern) Polypterus endlicheri "Faranah Guinea" Also...
  18. The Keeper

    WC or CB

    if you had the option to pick wild caught or captive bred polypterus which would it be and why? what is the difference?
  19. ShanerBock888

    Does Active Juvenile Polypterus = Active Adult??

    In the next couple months I plan on getting my first Poly and obviously would like it to be active. From what I've read, Senegal has the reputation as the most active of the Bichirs, but it really comes down to the individual. I've seen people say that they had a lot of variation in individual...
  20. The Keeper

    Why are delhezi's called armored bichirs?

    Why are they called armored bichirs do they have tougher scales or something?