1. O

    Is my birchir a danger to my rope fish?

    I have 2 rope fish I've had for about 4 years now that I care about very much, about 7 mouths ago I got a very young dinosaur birchir at the pet store. He was about 4 inches long when I first him and planned to only keep him in the tank with the rope fish while he was tiny and move him to a 50...
  2. C

    Ropefish seems very ill suddenly

    I’ve had my ropefish since November. Overall he’s done pretty well. I fed him primarily tilapia as that’s the only thing he want to eat for the most part. I recently switched to cod. The last few days I’ve noticed he was acting rather strange. Choosing to float around at the top of the tank...
  3. S

    FREE  FS ASAP San Francisco Bay Area CA, local pickup only—3 ropefish, Medusa pleco, 2 panda garras

    Hi! Long story short, my 55 galon freshwater tank cracked, and I cannot replace it. These fish are hanging out in a bucket with an airstone and need to go to a new home ASAP. I’m gonna try calling LFSs tomorrow too but will update this thread if they become unavailable. 3 ropefish, medium...
  4. H

    Ropefish Only Eating Bloodworms

    Hey y’all! I know they’re not polypterus but this is the closest forum I found. I’ve had two young ropefish in a 55g community tank for about a month. I made the mistake of feeding them primarily frozen bloodworms with some frozen brine shrimp for most of this time. After further reading I...
  5. C

    My ropefish is picky and I worry about him

    Got a ropefish recently. He’s been doing okay except he’s very picky. I’ve tried: fluval bug bites, homemade fishfood (beefheart), chopped up earthworms, and freeze tried tubifex worms. I can’t do bloodworms or shellfish as I’m severely allergic to both :(. I’ve only ever seen him eat once...
  6. M

    Normal Ropefish Behavior?

    Hi! I got some rope fish recently and I'm really crazy about them. I adore their little snake faces and their tiny flappy pectorals. I did a lot of research before buying them, but now that they're here I'm looking for advice from people who have actually kept them. I want to make sure they're...
  7. J

    Ropefish Babies?

  8. J

    Ropefish Tankmates

    So my 4 ropes are finally here and will be added to the 180 next week. I have 2 questions before adding the ropes. 1. I have had the 180 running as a guppy/platy tank for the last few months so they will breed like crazy and the rope could have fish to eat in case it doesn’t want bloodworms...
  9. W

    WTB : Ornate bichir and ropefish in SoCal

    I'm looking for 2 Juvenile ornate bichirs and 4 juvenile ropefish to pick up in SoCal
  10. J

    Over crowded?

    Let me know if wrong place, it’s my first post here after constantly reading other advice lol. I have a 180 gall tank that I’ve had for awhile and haven’t got it running due to being torn on what to stock it with. And as I kept thinking about it I realized I want a ton of bottom dwellers and...
  11. PGJE

    Pleco and ropefish?

    Hello, just wondering if a pleco and a ropefish are compatible in a 150 gallon aquarium?
  12. Blakewater

    Pics From Feeding Time Today

    Enjoy guys, I felt artsy! These are a few of my mini monsters getting fattened up. Only one missing is my ornate and regular sen.
  13. senegalrb

    Help my Ropefish got swallowed!

    Please help. I was dumb enough to buy an endli bichir. And added it to my 120 gal ropefish tank. I feed them a mix of earthworms, squid, fillet fish and an ocassional bloodworm treat. My endli began to bulk up and tonight when i was about to feed them i saw my ropefish tail bit sticking out of...
  14. C


    So I ordered a Reedfish over the weekend. It arrives Thursday. It's about 11 inches long. I have two tanks it can go in. It can go with my baby Bichirs (3 inch Senegal, 5.5 inch Albino Senegal, 6 inch Ornate, 5 inch Endli) or my Oddball tank (7 inch Alligator Gar ((Being Donated to local...
  15. S

    Is this pop eye?

    Rope fish was acting lethargic yesterday. Usually swims a lot in the current and hangs out all over the tank. Found him looking like this today. Setting up a quarantine tank with one of the sponge filters from this tank but honestly not sure what to treat him with. Any help is greatly...
  16. P

    Ich on rope fish??

    Today I noticed white spots on my smaller rope fish. It’s only on his head and I’ve had them about a month in a tank with my cichlids. I’m not sure if it’s ich but I want to jump on it before my other rope fish gets it. The one with it is Slinky and he’s the one on the bottom
  17. MooseTheWizard

    Ropefish Care Website

    Previously I posted a thread asking for photos of ropefish to be used in a care website I was creating. I have now finished the website, and would like to share it with the community. Any suggestions or criticism are welcome. Also please let me know if something isn't working as intended, or...
  18. R

    NEED HELP...sick ropefish

    Hello. My rope fish (Noodle) manged to get very sick. I don't know what the disease exactly is but I'm treating it as if it were cotton mouth. It happened when I went on vacation for a week and a half. When I got home I realized something was very wrong so I measured all my parameters and they...
  19. Josh's Fish

    Feature your Bichir Photographs in a book!

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I am working on something exciting for you all. It is a chance for you to get your photographs featured in a short book on Polypterids. It is a care guide and species identification booklet serving as an updated and expanded version of the care sheets from the...
  20. MooseTheWizard

    Ropefish Pictures

    I am currently working on developing a website that will provide articles on ropefish care, feeding, breeding progress, etc. The website is being created as there is an unfortunate lack of concise information regarding the species. It is my goal to accumulate everything I can into one, easy to...