1. A

    Fish suggestion for my new tank.

    Hello there, I would like to know what fish I can keep in my new tank. Here are my new tank's dimensions: 12 inches in depth, 18 inches in height, and 4 feet in width. *Sorry I can't take a picture or a video of my tank, as it's still under process.* Thanks in advance.
  2. FuriousFish

    220G Update Thread

    In this thread, I will post updates and track the progress with my 220-gallon tank. I have had this tank going on 10 years now and it has gone through a lot of changes in that time, especially since I was still very young and naive when I got it. With that being said, the current state of the...
  3. T

    First time acrylic with sump setup questions

    Now that the wife and I are back to work we decided to get another large tank but after a near disaster years ago with a glass we looked for acrylic this go-round. Found a 182g acrylic with oak stand and 40g sump with pump for 500 and jumped on it. I don't know how old it is but it doesn't leak...
  4. N

    COOL a big tank??!! URGENT!

    urgent our tank is running too hot without a heater! We have by the luck of life a goldfish and a pleco. We have kept our 37g tank at 75 degrees religiously but we are all set to move to our bigger tank 120g which is maintaining 4 degrees higher (close to 80!) no matter what we do. Goldfish...
  5. N

    Buy online?

    Best places ONLINE to buy live plants, fish, driftwood, and other aquarium supplies in the US w/quick shipping? Do you trust amazon? Specific amazon vendors you recommend? this is another topic that could almost use its own forum, lol. I tried searching the posts but there’s too many to sort...
  6. N

    Used substrate? Tank transfer Q’s

    Our new 120 tank came with substrate he had fish in until 2days ago. We were going to re-use it, thinking it probably has good bacteria in it but the longer it sits in starting to wonder if it’s ok to use? we have 2 fish, a single 4“ goldfish and a 14”pleco. We want to add a few fish. If you’ve...
  7. D

    Want to Buy  Looking for acrylic 150-300 gallon tank setup

    Looking for an acrylic setup, ideally at least 150 gallons up to 300 gallons. At least 4 foot length, might be able to fit up to 8 feet in length. Would like to find a plug and play setup, but willing to consider tank only, or setup without a sump, etc. Canopy and stand would be great but I'll...
  8. Jacob6556

    Give me some ideas for this tank!! Picture included!!

    So that’s my tank!! I’m lookimf for some great stocking ideas!! I would lik to have larger fish that max out the size limit and then some medium size fish and then maybe a small school of smaller fish! But I’m looking for your best idea on what you think would be the best fit and coolest idea...
  9. Jacob6556

    Jack Dempsey tank idea! Does this work??

    So I now have a 60 gallon tank, and ofcourse like all new tanks it’s empty. I was just wondering about what fish I should get. First I was think about just an Oscar but then I realized that one would just be to big and to much water cleaning required as the have a huge bioload. So I had an idea...
  10. festaedan

    For Sale  Getting out of the hobby sale

    Hello everybody For soon to be collegiate reasons, I am forced to let go of my collection. A vast majority of the listed fish have been in my care for well over a year, most of which have been with me for over two. Once all the fish are gone, I will be selling the set ups (300g, 120g, 40g, 20g...
  11. ukgoffer

    For Sale  240g - wide freshwater set up with 15" Hybrid Ray

    The prices below are retail. I am asking $3500 for the bundle with the Ray. The ray alone is selling for $1000. The Barb is free. Item Name - Retail Price Paid EHEIM canister 2262 - $425 (rated for up to 300g tank) Blueline external 100 HD pump (1900 GPH) - $325 Fluidized bed filter with...
  12. Blakewater

    Suggestions for new 325G Aquarium?

    Took the plunge today and bought my first monster tank. Previously I had only owned a 6x2x2 tank but today I purchased a 96x26x30. Im super excited but I quickly realized theres not a ton of 96" tank lights on the market and not many large filter systems either; but of course a sump is always a...
  13. C

    Can I get Bichirs?

    Hey all, My dad's giving me his old 75g and I'm fairly new to the fish scene. Now, I really want Senegals, like really bad, but I've searched around and asked friends and I keep getting different responses on whether or not I can keep some in my 75g. I understand there's a lot of variables...
  14. D

    Help with new Aquarium Sump (Identify this sump please!?)

    I just bought a 110 gallon acrylic aquarium from craigslist. Its a restore job, but i got a great deal. It came with a sump. I know how to restore the acrylic, but i have never had a sump before. I watched a million videos on youtube on sumps, but i cant figure out what kind this is. The baffles...
  15. jsoto2005

    Quick Newbie Question..

    New to the forum guys. Would love some frienldy advice on my new tank setup. Have had my 3" RD flowerhorn in a 70Ltr tank for a while. Cichlids are pretty hardy so never took too much notice of water parameters (i know.. i know..) Always did bi weekly water changes and checked my pH tho...
  16. xDestro

    Couple gulper questions

    Had them a little over a week now, can't get shrimp until this weekend but how long should I go with them not eating ( assuming they don't eat this weekend ) before I just get feeders? I have 6 neon tetras in there they still havnt ate, so could I get more or do you think they'd eventually...
  17. M@T!@$

    240 Gallon Build thread

    So I decided to set up a 240 gallon I've had in storage for 8months or so now. Thread will be slow as I am starting a new job, due to saving up for a much larger tank for the new house. Don't wanna talk to much about that right now, but it will be around 3 times more gallon age than this...
  18. xDestro

    Media question? Kinda

    Sorry I don't know how to explain this question xD I have a corner matten filter in a 20 long and iv squeeze a 100 watt heater, an air stone and a bag of media behind it, I originally put the air stone to help water move about the media but it makes a really annoying noise when the bubbles hit...
  19. xDestro

    Heater question/recommendation

    I have a 20 long in process of being setup, I installed a corner matten filter and I have roughly 2"×2" of space in the corner. I plan on having a heater, airstone and media in a bag hidden behind there, the only problem I'm having is finding a powerful enough heater that is short enough to fit...
  20. xDestro

    Airation question

    I just installed a corner matten filter in my 20 long and I plan to have a air stone behind the sponge, would that provide the water outside the sponge with air? Or would I need an air stone outside the filter?