1. tikoisdabest

    FS 60 Gallon Acrylic Setup w/20 Tropheus Duboisi $800 obo Glendale, Ca Pickup

    60 Gallon Clear For Life Acrylic Tank (48" x 15" x 18") 30 W Aquarium Light Oak Stand (50" x 20" x 31") Rena XP XL XP4 Filter Aquaclear 110 Filter Eheim 150 W Submersible Heater 20 x 3"+ F2 Tropheus Duboisi cichlids - Very Healthy, fed exclusively with NLS Algaemax $800 OBO text 818 636-3274
  2. kim91

    130 gallon fx5 & hw-304b input & output placement

    Here's my setup and placement as of now and not sure if i did it right or wrong so can someone give me some advice on placing the input and output for my two canister filter which is fx5 and sunsun hw-304b with one powerhead and internal filter, where should i point the powerhead? I will be...
  3. spcichlids

    Lighting Comparison/Review

    I take a look at a few different lighting options for my 6 foot tank. I show them side by side for a good comparison.
  4. littleturt

    Anubias Wilting

    My anubias hastofolia is wilting and falling apart and I'm worried it'll spread to my other plants. I have three anubias plants in my 150 gallon tank and I've just recently introduced them. They're still attaching themselves to the driftwood I tied them too but one of them is almost completely...
  5. littleturt

    Driftwood Slime

    I was curious about some slime on my driftwood. It is completely clear and I actually can't see it with my own eye. I could only tell it was there when I touched the surface of the wood. It was slimy in certain areas and in others it was not. This slime appeared while I was soaking it and it...
  6. awdawg

    lifereef sump questions

    So I emailed the lifereef email to try to ask them about a sump I picked up secondhand from a buddy. Never seen it setup, however it appears far from a basic setup and I'm not super experienced with sumps. If anyone here can assist or has advice etc here is the email I sent to them: I have...